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Chelsea Jacques was found out to be a snitch after reading into police reports and a signed confession that clearly show her true colors in black and white. Statements and accusations that she made to police also included in a notarized written confession, were used to put her then boyfriend behind bars and 2 of her "friends" without hesitation.She was driven to snitch to dodge a drug charge that police threatened to prosecute her over all stemming from her getting pulled over driving wrecklessly while possessing schedule II methamphetamine in the amount of .27g found by DMPD. Shouldnt leave papers laying around when you have company.
Category: Secret Added: 2015-04-12 14:54:05 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: IA City: Des Moines & surrounding areas ZIP: 50315

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paid informant


Wowdoesn't this sound like a mad Tweaker new message is received from Adrian honestly
posted on Apr 13 2015 02:38:41 AM

Wow y'all can look me up never had a violation for wreckless driving look me up Chelsea Rae Jacques as 6/14/1989 look me up on Iowa courts online I guarantee you I have never been busted for meth never been a snitch I did a year in jail because I didn't snitch for one hydrocodone pill so I don't take this lightly whoever wants to do some investigating can look me up on Iowa courts online thank you have a nice day Adrian go suck a box a bag of dic**
posted on Apr 13 2015 06:03:16 AM

It wouldnt show if you cooperate i heard about you your new around town always talking about peoples business would watch that.
posted on Apr 13 2015 09:35:36 PM

You're stupid as fu** for real life look and u would know that ya see how much I know about it I don't even know anything about it sounds like you do Fuc*** idiot I ain't never sniitched on nobody in my life
posted on Apr 16 2015 08:43:44 PM

I don't even hang out with people that do drugs
posted on Apr 16 2015 08:44:35 PM

Busted bit**
posted on Jul 22 2015 11:10:47 PM

I know for a fact you hang around people who use, bc I was there. And I seen paperwork with your name in it
posted on May 11 2017 04:34:20 PM

Whatever adrian Wilson and Mindy twat waffle Higgins still lying and making sh** up about Chelsea ain't gonna save you in the supreme court finally a Fair and impartial true to the laws judge...a non-dirty non-case swapping sack of sh** judge like your Judge Gamble was. I hope justice is fully served this time and both ya'll will be prosecuted for kidnapping her baby as well as all the many other crimes you committed in and along the way to winning a child that you stole and concealed from her mother for over a year you pieces of sh** docks. Supreme Court will open a whole new world up for you both and it won't be nice for ya'll. So stop talking sh** bcuz its not going to help you this time not in this next supreme court trial. You're all fuc*** ya'll, your scandalous lawyer and that corrupt judge gamble of polk county. He won't be helping you much this time actually neither will ur attorney bcuz without case swapping with a willing corrupted judge to be on your side you will lose as I told you when it all started you're going to lose in the end and I still have all of my faith in that belief. I believe in that the justice system will prevail in the end which is coming very soon. Bye Felicia -Cindy
posted on Mar 14 2018 02:01:12 PM

83 pages long of dismissed felonies drug charges child endangerment child abandonment was one of the first charges she's had dismissed and we all have heard her tell the story how Janet and Marvin Jacques still her first daughter...nope clearly she left her baby at their house long enough to be charged with child abandonment which I'm not sure how long is certifiably considered to be abandonment only reason I was Sticking up for her was I was hoping to get verelynn back from Mindy and Adrian who took her bcuz she wasn't just stolen from Chelsea she was taken from me I AM THE ONE WHO MOTHERED THAT BABY ANYWAYS I DIDN'T DESERVE TO GET OUTED FROM THAT LITTLE GIRLS LIFE FOR SURE I'M HURT BCUZ OF IT ASKS THAT IS WHY I GOT BIG PROBLEM WITH MINDY AND ADRIAN. EVERYTHING YOU HEAR ABOUT CHELSEA OTS PROBLY TRUE SHE'S DEFINITELY A SNITCH I'VE GOT HER RECORD 83 PAGES LONG
posted on Apr 25 2018 11:57:10 PM

I saw ur name in another snitches paper work you and you’re bf got pulled over leaving Nate Fuson’s (the other snitch) house. I seen it myself.
posted on Feb 12 2019 03:25:40 AM

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