Small boy kept out of school.,parents too messed up on drugs to send child to school.Parents get so high they passout leaving kids with no supervision.Police check police told children sick .Wrong. No job or income take lots of trips.,Nj.,MD., Va., Nc., Ga.,., Sc.,Tn., Short trips delivering What.? Guess?You think cause they are junkies they are moving drugs?I sent much money to Chelsea under ruse children needed things? Real dumb.She was getting drugs and getting cheap motel and her and one of the three husband shes fileing for welfare with. One fella Louis stopped working Job was messing with his drug use! Getting enough welfare to buy drugs .Hows she doing for rent Guess?Hows she passing welfare drug test ?Guess?Husband not can work anywhere drug tests are used.ive heard drugs and sex open at this house at 618 kinzel Ave. Maryville Tenn.Anywhere they go theres a crowd of relations.They are trained have lots of kids for welfare benefits.Folks weird blood relations but act as man and wife .Trained have kids say the father is unknown.This not just these folks.But nobody cares .Im hearing they are giving them more welfare.Thats really Good Drug users living better than anyone.Ive sent money to them only used for sex and drugs .Heroin and meth. But im told to .folks dirty all ways . Came to my place stole thousands of dollars of stuff.Now they are laughing cause police not going to help me only make sure they get extra welfare.Im kinda hurt im born and raised in Kingsport .Im the one that got robbed and all ya do is give the junkies more money Thanks neighbors

2018-07-07 19:58:03
Thanks Maryville City Police County Police Knoxville Sheriff.Washington.See Crooks get all the money and not even a smack on the Hand Doing Good tenn.Got to keep the dopers healthy.Thanks so much
2017-12-23 00:00:00
Would have been great if ya could have at least said something. Good to keep drug addicts with drugs and food.
2017-12-23 00:01:40
Get bent,you old lying turd.quit stalking my sister and don't even change your undershirts once a month. And you wear silk panties and a bra with high heels in your crummy garage.
2018-01-13 07:52:12

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