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Chelsea Caldwell.,Chelsea Hollin., Chelsea Hollingsworth.,Chelsea Wilson.,

Snitch Subject: What is the reason this bit** is allowed to be around normal law abiding honest folks.,

Chelsea is not locked away where she should be.,Folks friends neighbors.(kenzel Ave.,Maryville Tenn.,)Lots of visitors at address more frequently when her brother not at home.Children exposed to lots of stuff children need not be around.Son kept from school ccause mommie gots medication problems.,Yeah sure meds.,Cant work drugs messing their drug tests. Friends odd tn.give welfare folks drug tests ., shes passing these test cause of WHO?Sent money to tn. for she told me her kids.But went to her for drugs her other false husbands cheap motel rooms for the other boyfriends and cheap motel rooms away from her own kids..Unable to send son to school cause medication hangover. Yeah sure medications., If you ever see her youll know the meds she continue abusing for up the nose and injecti s. Friends no good mothers use so much drugs they pass out too with the guy shes with at the time.Guess all she and husband and senior citizen mommie has stoled and traded for drugs have all vanished.,Seems being raised her Mother Faith Kibler Chancellor Ct, Goose Creek Sc. Havent any idea what soap is for...If ya see her youll see how nasty dirty stinky stanky skanky she is. Knew her for a year.Still wearing same clothes. Hair never washed., no shampoo., no deodorant.,no toothpaste.,oops forgot drugs got the teeth already., Chelsea and Cousin Looperson. Retired cause welfare in Tn. paying for the other., oops.Chelsea and cousin loper and senior Farter robbed me a disabled handicapped vietnam vet.,Farter faith stood as lookout in front of my garage signaling Stanky Skanky and Lurch what to steal and when i wasnt watching.,Very kind of them they allowed me everything they didnt want..Can you believe these folks cant work because of all the stuff they can steal to earn drugs.Cant pass any drug tests but Chelsea gets around that!!! WONDER WHO oops wonder how.Ive been around never met such a worthless bunch of low life drug addicts..Can you believe that some folks so low they steal from a donation store right mom??????No im not saying you are.Sure. Folks Chelsaw has robbed many people lots got little from her.But she has been screwing many people more than sexually.Between what i sent her and all that she stole is between 7 to 10 grand..Lookit when they came and CHEAPERELEA.,Lookis. and farter robbed me they were teaching chelseas children about robbing and stealing.Really great familyChelseas got lots of different names.Faith got about 2o names.Can you believe she came up to me in a store and tried to talk to like she did nothing..People really that Fuc*** up?????? All these folks are using FACEBOOK for all things illiegal!!!!!!!!Never met any stupid fu***** this ignorant..I borrowed money to help her sons. Messed up my credit.I Know didnt have to.Well guess the three hus ..drugs for them.The boyfriends need.,..,,,.Folks all i got was some nude pics.Damn very nasty.could not realize that a bit** had open soars and stuff white draing out of her veniesser.,Greenish blue color..close look very disgusting.some kinda bugs and stuff running around.Well got good docs in well for next 544v33 years.
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What is the reason this bit** is allowed to be around normal law abiding honest folks.,


Who you calling bitch,loser.You went to prison for homocide,2nd degree manslobber,crimes against nature and assault with a friendly weapon.Also possession of a short barreled penis with intent to swallow. Suck on that goober!
posted on Jan 13 2018 07:15:32 AM

Honk my bobo,sincerely, Haywood Jablome a.k.a Lurch,stinky skanky.-p.s.don't call me any of yer moms pet names for you,pud-skinner
posted on Jan 13 2018 07:17:52 AM

The only pics you got are of your greasy granny with a hole in her panty.with a big behind like frankenstein, beating yer meat on sesame Street uh huh,uh huh.Bababooy Bababooy oogabooga Oogabooga eat me turtlehead eat me.
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