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Lady told me for a year children needed things.,Lights turned off 5 times., phone turned off 4 times.I ended up borrowing money to send for her beautiful children. So i thought.,Thought i knew her?Now see her or her twin on a drug site. About meth Mouths.,Now im hurting all over again.Can you understand she has children.,Cant work because right you understand.,Felt sorry for her cause she was always in an unkempt matter.Always, never saw her any other way.Bought clothes for all of them for pity sake.Yet she took lot more than i gave her. I know everyones laughing at me for being a dumb butt.I went in debt borrowing money to send her to support her habit.Now ive ruint my credit by helping her. And none went to help children only her habit.I sure hope her family sees her on what shes doing. Mom im sure you are embarrassed by this. I know you mean well but you also stole from me. I know stuff is in storage.Not notified yet but will be .! You cant rob people this way., Ask Britt Moore Of Moncks Corner Oh wait Forgot hes in Prison In Florida.I pity you all that you think its ok to take anything you want. Right Chelsea Steal my Stuff Cause Lurch Likes It. Now trying to notify.Met A very nice Lady And Her Beautiful Daughter. Two very beautiful young women.Im Sure you think california will save you. Or Will it? Go ahead Laugh at me as usual Cause you are such a messed up person. What you are doing is very shameful.The day i met you is a regretful day. I should have known better because of your stanky self.I dont think you need worry about anyone bothering you closer than 5 feet. Because of your catpiss smell.Surely hope you will please take care of my little buddies. Im sure youve sold all youve stole. Pretty sure all folks know you and now what and who.Im trying to say nice things about you but there is none. Folks they are still out there and all ways begging and bumming never bathing washing something got their teef. Wonder What?Hope welfare looks at the picture and sees what you are doing!Still getting lots of relatives stop by???? Yeah relatives. Hah???Ive Known lots of folks in lots of places had friends in mental hospitals. But never any cu like you.Hope your children dont see you like i have. And what you really are doing to get what ya gotta get..Sure hope you get put in a cage inside a cave.You should never be around any normal person. Your smell will gag a magget.There really isnt anything you arent doing. Almost threw up seeing how low youll stoop to get it
Category: Bear My Soul Added: 2018-01-29 15:40:22 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: TN City: Maryville ZIP: 37804

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Folks This Family doesnt need money Cause of what they will buy. They do need an understanding person.After seeing what levels shell go to get her habit taken care she needs drastic help. She can be seen
posted on Jan 29 2018 03:43:40 PM

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