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Chelsea Caldwell

Snitch Subject: Im so sorry i made it so difficult for you .

I now know the police cant arrest you.I just received the 20 pages.Why you never told me?Sure hell tell ya or she will .I know its my fault for send ing money to help the kids.That you bought all the narcotics with.But are you really with all of em? Surely ive been told wrong .Not even YOU would be with them while your doing that for your drugs.Suppose that's what the stuff is draining from there.They told me you do anthing anytime with anybody.Suppose that's the reason.I don't see how you get any respect from anyone.Well Chelsea Hollingsworth Louis C Hollingsworth and chelseas crioppled senior citizine mother came to my house and robbed me. Friends and Neighbors of 618 kenzel Ave Maryville Tn.These folks cannot work working interferes with their drug use.Cant understand what she does to pass welfare drug test.Hows the rent paid?Folks DO Not Believe anything they say if their mouths are moving.Chelsea will smile and tease and maybe bump into you accidentaly in a sexy way.Been known to go further for drugs or money for drugs.Do not belelieve anything if her mouths moving serious .Shell screw you over shell lie some how she sends nude pics her many boy friends take sends somehow withsome kind of a deal on Facebook.Then somehow she goes on facebook begs for money for kids don't do it only buys drugs.Kids are neglected .Parents all time passing out on drugs .Children have nobody watching them.They suckered me in for a year for stuff for children .I'm so Damn Stupid I fell for it.She got the money and boyfriend and her continuedto get high.One group in Ga. Looking for Louis C Hollingsworth At 618 kenzel ave Maryville Tn. Sure hope nobody tells the finance co where louis is hiding out Ok.Dont let um know about reward.Folks got no job got only welfare with how many husbands? Check it Out? Was told they cant arrest her shes exempt.Think she is a snitch on other drug dealers.Funny have no income yet keep boy out of school and drive to Nj., Md.,Nc.,Ga.,Tn., Va.,Sc.,Police check reason sons out of school to go on delivery .keeps children out of school all last year because drugs .Now doing the same thing this year.She said was getting enough welfare so husband could afford to stay home and stay home .Somehow was told children are helping steal.When they go shopping kids trained to start yelling and screaming. Yeah folks its all my fault for allowing Chelsea Hollin.,Chelsea Hollingsworth.,Chelsea Caldwell.,Chelsea Wilson ++++++.,Faith.,Louis Craig Hollingsworth.Im Sure Sorry Darling I Allowed You To Rob And Steal From Me!!!I know go ahead blame me for it. I'm also sorry I made you take those thousands of dollars of money I gave you for children sorry you got got all confused and bought NARCOTICS For you and all those boyfriends or husbands .Think you still telling welfare they are husbands ,Made you take all the drugs and do with children watching,Plus in bar parking lots.And chil.Chelsea thought but you are there.Happy now . you helped mess.Gots hole bunch of nice folks wanting to help ya with Christmas plans.Folks if ya meet em or knowum. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOt TRUST ANYTHING THEY Say Background check are in Ca.,Utah., maybe Nj., Md.,Ga.,Sc.,Tn., Ga., Don't Inhale around Chelsea Stanky BAD BAD Bad.Uses no soap Shampoo.,Toothpaste.,Mouthwash.,Or deodorant.Known um for a year never saw um clean.
Category: Wanted Added: 2017-12-18 22:54:17 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: TN City: Maryville ZIP: 37804

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Im so sorry i made it so difficult for you .


You are a liar.You were in the salvation crap your pants and don't change them for two got a d.d. for being a sissy.Stop lying and pooping yer pantaloons, old pop scrotum breath.
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Chelsea rules.You drool,on a big, black tool.Go soak your crusty old bald head.Later "stinky"
posted on Jan 13 2018 08:05:26 AM

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