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Snitch Subject: ROBBER

CHELSEA AND GANG.cHELSEA WILSON.,cHELSEA HOLLIN.,chelsea up nose drugs drugs in smoke.,drugs in arms in jailhouse tats.Persons are dangerous might bite never wash stanky.doesnt use soap.,shampoo.,deodorant .,toothpaste.Smiles at you while robbing> Stole 3to 5 thousands from me. Think its up the nose and in the arms.Shamefull .,possible welfare cheat.Uses Facebook for nasty pics.Use Facebook to sale stolen.,Use facebook to lie about situation Begs for money gets it buys drugs.Cant send son to school too high to move.Kept son out of school for a year cause couldnt move cause of drugs.DONT TRUST HER TAKES Advantage of disabled handicapped vietnam vet.Keeps child out of school cause of drugs tell police child is sick bull plop to high to move.Please watch your children .Leave nothing unsecured was told shes doing naughty stuff.Ive reported her now think shes got people after me.Has many different names.Sells you know to supply drugs. Heard now going to bar parking lots to do the dirty.Had mother as leader lookout.Pulled switcher. people got no feelings.Has been taking advantage of anyone trying to help.Does you no what to get drugs.Little children in view of what mommie doing.Heard she does nasty with anyone even when children wach.Done gave away most importat thing in normal people.Uses Many Many different names.No income state and goverment supporting family.Neither works cause of drugs.Find it hard to believe Welfare keeping them alive.have moved many times cause neighbors find out.make um move keep getting kicked Think they are taught how to get more welfare.Getting so much welfare take road trips to deliver ? GUESS WHAT.nj., md., tn.,ga.,nc., va.,sc., Now getting enough money to hire people to do harm to GUESS?Stole thousands of dollars of my things.These folks never bath always dirty always nasty was given soap. They bathed rabits.Really bright HUH?Go on FACEBOOK. to sell stolen stuff. To beg for moneyHow bout nude.If you can see their mouth moving then they are lieng.Borrow but dont .Cheat on IRS? Cheat on welfare.?What they or whos letting pass drug te .The nicer you treat them more they steal.Chelsea will smile and pick pocket catch her redhanded shell lie through her teeth forgot drugs gots her teeth.Tenn. is doing great make it possible for parents not work watch tv smoke drink booze Swap welfare assistance to support drugs Folks saying chelsea now claiming more husbands and more kids.All my stuff gotum much drugs..Guess theygot it made Im a handicapped disabled VIETNAM vet.Was taked advantage of.Sure hope Welfare dont find out about all the drugs they use i mean .Came in my house to use rest room now noticed several expensive cameras and watches missing.Please tell senior folks. dont letum around you.Was told they doing naughty strangers around little ones. some pleaselet police know that these folks are telling untruth.
Category: Crime Added: 2017-12-09 05:00:47 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: TN City: maryville ZIP: 37804

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people whole family into much bad.
posted on Dec 09 2017 05:02:34 AM

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