chelsea too strung out on drugs children doesnt get washed made to wear dirty clothes

Folks beware these folks constantly high .So messed up on drugs cant bathe or use deodorant shampoo laundry clothes .No money yet constantly traveling to Md.,Va.,Nc.,Ga.,Nj..,Sc.,Keeping children out of school telling police children are sick. Lied to police saying children are sick when they were in sC.,stealing my tools collector toy cars speakers carpet cleaner several kobalt tool sets clothes jerseys craftsman tools cameras stereos speakers dvd players .And lots more havent found out what all they did steal CHELSEA WILL DO ANYTHING FOR DRUGS OR MONEY TO BUY DRUGS WITH.Had a child when she was 14 gave child to man that got her pregnant.Now in Maryville Tn. Passing all children around to collect more welfare Think Louis is pimping think got several guys to to sex her up. she will do anything for drugs or money to buy drugs.Louis sneaks in while shes screwing makes people pay more. He always tapes you having sex with the Stanky skanky.Never washes herself or children. Have never wears clean clothes Too strung out on that sh** cant get up to send kids to school.Police checked she lied to officers. Saying children sick.Bull she was in Sc. Stealing from a handicapped disabled vietnam vet.To trade for drugs. Or money to buy drugs.Folks are really strung out.Kept son out of school last year too messed up on drugs.No job no income but after roadtrips always got lots of money.Im pretty sure they are doing welfare fraud .Bet they are claiming more children because chelsea gave a son away and louis gave a child away.Louis can only work wheres theres no drug tests.Chelseas doing something to get over welfare drug tests.I hope shes not doing what i think shes doing surely not what i think .Hope nobody is that hardup. All this family always dirty stinky.I have texted her since she robbed me and all she is doing is having one helluva laugh. Ive given her thousands of dollars of money cause said children needed something i now found out money did not go to children but to buy drugs.Now after all the money she came here and stole from me. Yes i gave her some stuff but everytime they carried something out of my garage i told them that did not go they took it anyway.They really got me good. But yet took all the stolen stuff and got drugs or money to get drugs with.told police children were sick when they were in my yard playing.Were not sick. These parents got to be bottom of any scum list.The mother was here helping them steal .mother took a container of craft stuff and told her no. gone anyway.both denied stealing it. Yet its odd its back after she took what she wanted out of the bin very magical huh?These folks got many different names the mother got 15 to 20 different names.All members of their families got many names.You know doesnt make me mad just really hurts. Try and help someone and they rob from you.Fella that knocked her up is said to have put nude pics of her when she was under age.Only found one Chelsea in front of many many many people urinating outside .They are using facebook to arrange drug deals.Chelsea changes different pages.Cause she says it was hacked.They were on facebook begging for money saying they were in Sc. Yet they were in Tn. The mothers husband computer expert 100K year And mother on face book begging for money.She sales on face book .Yet wheres she get it? Think maybe chelsea shoplifts it or hay what about makes you wonder huh?These folks change phones at odd hours.How? Maybe computer dude.Guess think im in Sc. where she robbed me and shes in Tn.I cant do a thing Aint fair Huh?You Know doesnt seem right help somebody then they screw you.Think all this is somewhat welfare fraud.Faith with her 20 names and husband does electronic banking. All ways when they start in town all ways people there with same name .Thats how they are left .Welfare still gives em money direct deposit.All taught have children first telling dont know who the fathers are get welfare then get married after welfare already set up.Faith is in charge of this scam.Really dont understand govt. too stupid to know this.Come on .Im not all that smart but its very easy to find all this out.I did the Been Verified site .Chelsea always on phone telling person on other end of phone that she loves um.Think boy saying hes her husband is a cousin or brother or paid dude.also randy coons is blood relative. Chelseas sisters has done same.why you dont do the same go to been verified put in Chelsea Caldwell,Chelsea Wilson,Chelsea Hollin,Chelsea Hollingsworth.You will really be surprised.Maybe like me some stuff youd rather not want to know.The phone Faith Kibler has listed to someone in ohio.Dont understand police cant see through all this scam?Police wont do anything cause someone getting yeah you know shes putting out but cousins louis taping all this.Had metal cars 50 studebaker 55 chevy 56 chevy. Took collection of dragons after i said no they took it any way.These people are taught not to work but have children for welfare.Think chelsea was pimped out by family member now pimped out by fella cousin had the black child gave it away.Got a black sister Simone Calloway in Ga.Somebody said chelsea prefers the black guys cause vagina been used too much.Something about chelseas smell worse tha black fellas.If you do go around chelsea dont get to close smell is really bad.Chelsea ???really a frigging C Word.Her mother told me not to call her a cunt.Even though shes gotta be biggest one there is.This bit** worse around. Guaruntee check chelseas welfare record will say unknown father for all three kids.I Guess Mother Faith is still giving lessons how to be a welfare cheat besides pimping her daughters out under age and selling their tapes and photos when children was under age.Check this out.These people are worse than the travelers were.This is not a single incident.These people Are being taught by Faith M Caldwell Or whatever name shes using. Her husband Teaching computers electronic banking telephone how to beg on facebook .How to do the go fund me page on Facebook.But Facebook Knows This I think they get kickbacks.Heard they dont get money Bull S. If you check you will find all daughters have children born out of wedlock. And getting welfare.Why are they doing this ? All of us paying taxes are keeping these folks up.I was in Viet Nam fought and pay taxes to support these welfare cheats up.Chelseas had 3 kids does not give children baths ,childrens food,only junk,no clean clothes,nobody watched children when parents f uo on H.,C.,M.,Pain pills That welfare pays for.All mone husband gets used for same.Folks on facebook having wedding after children born.Why is no news people speak of this?Afraid to step on toes Huh? Just heard now chelsea putting out like she did at Dundalk High.Youd think shes did this so much thats why cheaper to go else where.Someone said something about her and some ball team.Gave children away betcha got lotta drugs out of this deal.Dont let em get behind you whatever you do.What is Chelsea doing about welfare drug tests.Whos or what is going on.Just cant understand that but if person checking her is black i see.She got that animal in her she probably raping him her or it.Police checked what went on ?This little bit** really likes gangbangs.Just ask that ball team or her classmates at dundalk high.Thing been used so much she could shoplift watermelons and not be seen.Really Chelsea Robs Steals Cheats welfare irs .has sex with anything or anyone prefers blacks and or 16 guys at once loves all sex acts loves the anal .But loves being filmed with anyone anything anytime loves husband watching her and filming her and putting it on the web.Even though shes retarted shell sex anyone as long as she gets the H.,And M., Sometimes C. Sometime pain pills Welfare helps with.Shes allways open for dem drugs.Please watch out for husband if you cand stand all the stink sometimes Louis been known to stick it in your bunghole likes the blacks also cause they smell better than Chelsea.He sometimes gets very excited and may bite you on the PP.Dont know which but since chelsea doesnt wash neither does he.Really bad cause children in danger cause parents will do anything for their fix.Chelsea more nasty with her clothes off cause anybody that shes screws the liquid from other males remains cause the vagina is never washed.NEVER WASHED NEVER WASHED.Never.If she has a seat in your house you should burn the chair she sits in!!!!!!!
2017-11-23 20:39:53
I saw this old fool screwing a poodle while wearing women's clothes.He sticks his shriveled old butt and then licks them.He works a glory hole at the greyhound bus station.Loves big,black cocks.Buys women's clothes at goodwill and trolls for hot,buttered di** in drag!Freaky as hell.Also loves to pay fat guys to fart in his mouth while playing their male organ.
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