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Chelsea Cald. wel. Many more.

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Folks ive never ever saw so much trash.This is no way done by humans.If this is only being done for her and her boy friends to get meds.Friends ive seen stuff but this in no way is who i is. Folks please help pray these folks got kids.Folks no way these people are lower class . And are in Tn.Some folks like some i know.WONT WORK cause good ole uncle sam.Seems like drugs interfere with a job. So they get more.No need to work huh????Was told locas was big war hero.Too bad all this is in his screwed up .Someway said after 3 years soap got stolen. But it said a cake of soap so they attempted to eat it I was frightened because all in all i think folks were thinking the drugees werent white.Guess the reason being only animals would do things ive seen done. Surely shellby cant be anything other than.Folks what she does please never be around these animals please???????I was told theres children involved which in no way could this be true.Surely these types of sc oops would never be allowed to have children around so much drugs and strangers and hope i was told wrong surely children would never exposed to their keepers having funky se things.All i ve seen. Theres no way society would ever let parents do this.Odd female are twins even got similar tats.Friends please pray for her kids if she really could have birthed PEOPLE instead of ani ?Its not for me to judge.Dont work dont get out of bed till 3 pm.No need to work just tell welfare you are running low on .
Category: Crime Added: 2018-02-17 20:44:33 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: TN City: Maryville. ZIP: 37804

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never saw so much tra

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