Chelsea C. Hollingsworth., Chelsea Caldwell., Chelsea Wilson., Got plenty more. Just think of one if she hasnt used it | needs more Money For left hand medications. | Snitch

Chelsea C. Hollingsworth., Chelsea Caldwell., Chelsea Wilson., Got plenty more. Just think of one if she hasnt used it

Snitch Subject: needs more Money For left hand medications.

Please letum help you? YOU Will Be Sorry Beilieve me. Stole my stuff without a thank You.Stole certain bedroom toys that only the lowest class person on earth would not even touch. There cant be anyone this low.Sent me a message opened it and out came a Virus. Great bunch huh? Lurch pretty sure he might have but i doubt it. Ive seen them for a year plus.All ways dirty nasty smelly. SAME WAY EVERYDAY. Smells like cat piss. Sent a picture looks like she washed . Only person ive seen looked better before she was in the rain. Cause she never uses soap.Thank God Tenn. Welfare keeping them.They use FACEBOOK for many Transactions., sales of stuff from thing they steal., shoplift ., some things if people buying them could smell them they would Puke!!!!!!I did feel sorry cause they were allways dirty stinky i bought them clothes but didnt mare Louis And Chelsea Got Signals from Chelseas mother., You know coast is clear and other things.Her mother seemed to really help. Thank goodness they were only 5 of them.Besides all the money i was tricked into giving Chelsea for meds and food welfare was giving them. Must have been left hand meds.I caught them told them no dont take that i was told by Chelsea Yeah but he likes that.Now found he took new Dewalt Tools., And the little small saw. They stole 5 bat bags of bags some 4 hundred each.I understand they cant have a job. Because jobs interfere with their drugs oops., left hand meds.Did find lookalike chelsea on internet doing things with and for drugs., oops lefthand meds.The weird thing is they have lots of different names.Make sure to be a sucker like me Give um anything dont matter things all ways end up missing when they are around.Really thing that hurts me is the three children oops two kids.I get confused . Hope welfare dont see that ive made a mistake. Think they are trying to do me harm. Someone took a shot at 345 am few days ago.Truckdriver attempted to hit me i locked my brakes up got out with my equalizer.That assho couldnt get away quick enough.Another came in where i hang out asking workers about me dumb as* was overheard by me.Really odd huh.My credit cards screwed with., Facebook was hacked. I had been buying things for i guess cause im twice as stupid as i was.Im a retired ., handicapped ., disabled VIETNAM VET.I thought i would not be taken 2 years ago for thousands also.Oh i bought toys for the lil guys. They left them here Gave Louis 2 hundres dollar set of Craftsman tools yet he stole 5 more sets of my Kobalt tools plus all theDewalt 700 dollars.Yeah bought Shelby perfume and smelly soap. Yeah no taker there she thinks using soap is a job.So she left um here. Just had to get what their drug dealer wanted., oops i meant walmart pharmasist.Really weird Shelby took my brand new carpet cleaner. Sh** after she gets up at around 1 or 2 pm. she gotta take her drugs., oops left hand meds.No matter if i gave them something that stole twice of that . One son kept out of school for a year because drug hangovers.Was told tenn gives drug tests but i was told because lioomess can only work wheres theres no drug tests. WONDER WHY???????. These folks are young but moved 20 to times.Was told lots of visitors. But all are relatives., is what the neighbors are told. Mostly after Lucas leaves .Didnt know that bl.... oops. I wont say what site shes on better you dont see it.Im a bit strange but stuff like that HAS NO PLACE!!!!!! most disgusting stuff ive ever seen.Lots deal will banyo stuff.Im sure thats why Shelbys neighbors always make her move????????? She does not belong anywhere in society around normal law abiding honest people. Tenn welfare is very helpful to dru., oops wayward bum., oops needy folks. Really odd things vanish then check her pocket., Or was a diaper bag., oops then back packs.Surely all the missing items did not leave in chelseas pockets.Surely shes been told just because it fitsin your pocket doesnt mean you should put um in your pocket Chelsea taking from a thrift store is stealing hope someones relatives also Should be told this!!!!!!!! Whys a normal shopper try on clothes in one dressing room then 15 minutes later use another one comeon. Im sure folks are tired of me flaming Shelby. I know this isnot right i had a lil dog named Shelby .I do respect the memory of my dog more than this cu t.Disresptlble to my dog.Chelsea in no way could ever be as good as that dawg., But Shelby didnt have her brain fried on so many drugs.I was sent nude pics.But they only wanna make ya puke.Stuff in certain things that seemed to have been there for many years.Seemed like there should have been emptied years ago.Liquid in places Well ill try to not get all us sick?Five or six porno pictures cost me 7 thousand.Yet on site hea 7. for free.But please dont be eating when you peruse this funky cun t.Guys if you want nudes of someone this nasty with 3 chil 2 kids. Dont give more left handed dru g money so someones children may be put in danger.Hey ive done things im not proud of but Chelsea And her family gotta be the worse people that exists. How would a family mother wanna keep lil guys she never.. Very odd all know she is such a good mother. Think i once saw her change a diaper YEAH ONCE>>> I gave Chelsea Many name brand clothes . Bought all 3 kids OOps 2 kids coats columbia good stuff leather coats yet were sold to buy d u s .Do normal folks sell their childrens clothes toys and coats so they can buy dru s???? Please give this c t your hard earned money so when they wake up at 5 or 6 pm . they have dr money.If they come around because remember the elephant smell at the circus well its similar bu a lot worse. I was told shelsea tried to microwave soap she thought it was a cake.They had a pet but Chelsea on a weird tried drying it in a microwave. These folks really needs a keeper. But with only a 1st or 2nd grade education seems the lil guys will have more education than guess?Somehow dont thint parents should do so many drugs they passout and theres nobody watching the lil boys.Theres one place for these kind of parents.My parents werent the best but all these lil guys see is passed out. Unless Chelsea is you know gots relatives visiting or making porn.Messing around as children are present entertaing all the relatives never mind their colo .Yet anyone wanna see what she does and who with to pay the blac dru dealer look youll find her never saw so much trash. At least how would a person do this.Friends how could a husband drive his wife to shady places such as truck stops let his wife climb in the backseat of their car. Do the naughty thing.All along the children and husband is right there while wife is earning a few bucks. Im sure prices would be better but chelseas woo woo full of others deposits for the last 10 years.Dont think im right., Nude pictures show Her sex thing full running overPieces of toliet paper small particles of the last fuc er. There is nobody this trashyIve been around this world Seen ladies that do similar things most had teeth not taken by meth.Theres never been a Meth Who** Or Crack Who** Or Who** on Her favorite Heroin Thats half this nasty.Chelsea stays so FUC*** UP ON DRUGS SHE NEVER WASHES HERSELF OR HER FAMILY.Chelsea is so nasty she would have to pay a rapist to f k her. In all her nude pics theres a lot of blue haze.Her cun looks like theres jism all over it been there so long its layered.For 7 thousand bucks i get pictures i would have to pay someone to take.Yes BR i., Fai .,she is that nasty Yeah shes sleeping with more ,. Well you folks really are . Chelsea someday eventhough your drugs make you the big tr ive ever known.Odd i ve been with nice ladies lots But never have i seen any lady that would come close to be a tramp that could ever be close to a wh like you . even your gang .at du hi . Sure hope youll end up in that cage in that cave. A cun like you never should never be around normal law abiding people but be with trash like theres no Cu** in the world would come close .think if possible you would try not to look like you are attempting to only blacks but as much as you have f d unless theres another d around like the other mo yo made .Chelsea you really need . You think your kids need . You need help!!!!!!!!! Sure hope you Get Loc up very soon. I wish you had relatives that woul but heard all likje this CHELSEA YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A WH FU KING CU**. Dont know why faith disagreeded. in another year my lil buddy will be smarter thasn you.
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needs more Money For left hand medications.


DO YOU REALIZE YOU'VE POSTED ABOUT YOUR STUFF BEING STOLEN BY THESE PEOPLE 35 FU***** TIMES!! 35 pages of long as* rambling sh** that no one can even understand. Then you go back into your own posts and post comments about the same exact sh**. Whoever you are you desperately need to GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE. I dont know if they stole from you or not because you've made yourself look like an absolute and total fu***** nut case. Like you've lost your damn mind and do nothing but obsess about this person and what you think they did to you. Jesus christ Ive never seen anything like it. Do yourself a huge favor and move the fu** on. You've destroyed your own credibility by posting so much and rambling on about nonsense crap. So good job shithead. Get on with your life and get over it, YOU ALLOWED THEM INTO YOUR HOME AND LIFE so learn from that sh** and move on or you're still allowing them to get to you by allowing them to consume your time and mind. Fu**. I just want to smack your face for being so damn stupid.
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