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heard chelsea had the fella to retire making enough now after signing up with more husbands.welfare is aware must be they do it for many years .Goverment surely aware huh?Had husband to quit to pursue guess?Said work cutting in on private matters.Sure neighbors at 618 Kinzel Ave. Maryville Tenn. aware of all the traffic and short visits.Even aware oy cameras flashing all the time.These folks seem to get visiters. all during the night. Was more when husband was working. Police was seen in area. But just when.Seems these young folks been there a short time got more visitors than Wal Mart. Wonder whats going on?Comeon folks husbands working wife gets lot of friends when husbasnds working.... Very friendly i guess.Very sweet neighbors right my friends.Great friendly people.Friends carry radios tvs cameras tools in to their house.Then leave without the stuff.Really smiling and singing as they leave.Guess its better that shes not married to the 3 men shes claiming are her husband.Yeah right now that hubbbie retired only a couple visitors.Odd huh folks?Very weird all the visitors and little boy right there with um!! Great parents. Yeah im not bitter just because helped drain my savings i know i was raised to help folks in need.Just like some mother is still showing and telling her to get more money from guees.and seems have been trained and taught how to rip people off that try to help.How to take all the food out of frigde and cabinets take pictures and say kids need food. Seems someone is a liar and one of me is a dummy. Or could it be i thought children did need food and not a mother and cousins gotta git all them narcotics.and the dummy that bought beau=tiful new clothes cause he pittied them Cause the family was never seen clean always filthy .allways high and strung out.Send money then rent cheap motel with whoever and stay high and take a shower wash nasty stuff off and out?????? Nope stay dirty so folks will pity them.I guess her mother has trained her really good.Yeah sendinding nude pics of guess.Pics was never showing anything clean either wont mention what was leak oops?Forget i said that.Then coming to my house to pick up things i bought them wanted to see her and kids in nice clothes .Bought children lots of toys sent pictures she said kids would love them made me feel great.Yet she only stole all the stuff she could trade for drugs.Her mother Faith Marie K.stood outside garage signaling chelsea Hollingsworth., And Louis Craig Hollingsworth when and what to steal.As one would talk to me and distract me other would steal told them no that dont go i took it back in the garage they stole it anyway i protested Chelsea told me yeah but he likes it!!!!! Why hell yeah i like it too thats why i bought it.took 5 or 6 sets of kobalt after i gave him a 200$ craftsman set.saws drills collectors dragonsmetal cars collectors.came into my house to use bathroom stole cameras and watches as mommie stood guard.Faith carried out container of craft stuff i said no its for my neice. Guess whole stole that?Showed up a week later in my shed after some cu** took out what she wanted.Made me that much madder giving me backMY STUFF SHE STOLE YET DIDNT WANT boy arent i lucky to get back my own stuff from my own garage.Guess felt bad HUH? Yeah Lucky.All the boys toys still here. Poor fellas.But they found out hot to cheat the govt. But of all the agencies i contacted they all DO NOT CARE ABOUT ME ONLY MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE GETTING ALL THE MONEY FOR THE SEVERAL FAMILIES THEY SAY THEY ARE.Doing great rents paid get gas money for deliveries???? OOPS aint right!!!Just because they keep boy out of school and travel to Nj., Md., Va.,Nc., Sc., Ga.,Tn., Surely that seems very normal travel to all these places with no jobs and no income no money .Then police question Chelsea She tells um kids are sick .They were healthy out in my yard playing.Seems that i could learn from them how to live on what i can still.They kept the little boy out of school all last year cause they stay high and cant maintain a normal life.Cant and dont want to.They already got guys maybe females on my ass.These folks are one up.BUT A couple guys well. Iwont say.They have a way around legality have not figured out how.Tall move around alot after people realize who they reAlly are and what they are.CHELSEA HAD A CHILD AT VERY YOUNG AGE I WONT SAY CAUSE AINT RIGHT LEGALLY.chelsea gave the child to father that shes now with to get more welfare.I SAT on grand jury up north heard a lot but these folks got it sewed up.SEEMS might not only be husband and wife #1 but WELL STRUCTURED one.only ONE THING nobody cares about me only making sure chelsea and family is well taken care of.Got keep them healthy to keep cheating the govt. SO we all are able to keep these folks up .Cause you know we dont want unhealthy drug addicts,Cause that would be a shame.Its great now that the goverment helps the guilty party instead of the victims.Tenn welfare is really on their toys thanks guys the drug tests you gave Chelsea is really great.Im very sorry to say im from there born and raised.Ive contacted city and county maryville and knoxville..,., Berkely county.,Washington.None got the time to even say sorry you got robbed or ripped off mr.But just making sure the dope addicts gots enough to trade for their drugs. And the children watching all the strangers with guess?Hows the rent paid?Or who.Well on the background reports shows lots of strange stuff.Friends if you live in tn. please give a big thanks to all the wonderful law that helped me NOT!!!??? Suppose You gotta make sure dope addicts are happy.Guess ill try to understand someday laws that are broken by dope addicts are ok. Even though many deliveries are guess.Surely you guys are not sitting on your hands??????
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You think maybe i should mention another state Tenn. Has not so much as to say HUH? seems they only help guilty people.Well was informed tenn. trying to keep street walkers at home with children.Thats nasty her husband and children got to watch all the strangers doing what with mommie.Disgusting how can anyone you know get around that kind of smell?Hadnt see the folks for a year pretty sure had on the same dirty clothes.And yet looked just as dirty.Had bought some of that good smelling expensive soap for Chelsea No worry its still here.,I been told drug addicts afraid to was their high away. Smart huh my friends.Funny im only a disabled handicapped retired viet nam vet.Im trying to live my remainder of my life .folks screw me over steal anything they want.Just as long as it can be turned into nose candy Or think they on the heroin trip.Get so f ed up they pass out and nobody waches the lil fellas huh? So screwed up they are unable to get little buddy off to school then telling police they are sick.Yeah thats like louis Craig Hollingsworth unable to work where drug tests are given.If Chelseas been taking drug tests for welfare somebody doing GUESS?Im hoping the reports of Chelsea in backseats in bar parking lots arent true but i know drug addicts have no remorse She showed that when she was robbing me she looked at me the look was like a who** low class bit** caught by police but didnt have any feelings at all.How she claiming different husbands and more kids?Folks if ya see um or smellum dont turn you back..Please give um lots of drug money.If you see um and their mouth is moving they are lying.You see um theyll be dirty. smelly telling they need food.Boys need meds. Boys need diapers. Boys need milk.What you give is only for drugs.They also got lots of scams on Facebook
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