Chel Hollingsworth Caldwell. - Low self esteem

Seems this isnt the first senior Chelsea c t has robbed.Very sure others were also too embarassed to let a drug w e rob them.Thought was weird that this lady is enstilling the same.Could not see an adult never keeping clean.But after seeing how some earn drugs this is so disgusting.Really see that seems to be how these have been raised.Parents please dont do that.This family remains filthy ., they stink., All ways in dirty nasty clothes.But after seeing family members they also are as filthy.Parents hopefully they wont come around you.But if they do please step back away from them.Messaged on Facebook where a helluva lot of things certain folks are doing to get lefthanded meds.Really odd F b k deletes me complaining about the 16 or more sites they have all illiegal +++++++. These folks have no scruples they have NO FEELINGS.After hearing more tells about what this c does. They will do things make you feel good while your pocket is picked.Sorta weird gave them money for ayear because Chelsea said they needed dr oops food ,meds , electric bill., many more but they were already on WELFARE ., Guess what lefthand meds these people are trained.Chelseas mother said chelseas out there begging again.Saw days later a friend request from chelsea opened it then my computer locked up.Found out other folks that were robbed.Have been going out in my garage and now see that chelsea , lurch ., and faith stole twice as much as i knew about.But really hurts me so darn much. But can you believe i got bitched at by Chelsea And Faith the next day cause i was not here to give the c t more money.In the year i gave um dr g money never one time did i hear a THANK YOU.I know what you are thinking . But she said boys needed this or that.I bought coats for um. And the # 1 boy Yet little guy never got the 2 coats i bought him a leather coat and a Columbia coat.Guess they are at the guys house for their left handed drugs.I was brought up to assist people Yet they have been raised to Rob., Cheat ., steal + left handed meds. Noticed a lot of things these gypsies stole were one of a kind.Ive been trying to get over this hump.But found out Chelsea stole something shes well Cant say but its a Federal case. Yet all are guilty.Pretty sure they think its over.Im almost positive they are acting like they are above the law.Even i knew they have been back here i said nothing.Did not know my neighbor was drinking he told me they were robbed while the family was robbing me.I did not know his Cameras .Did find a picture of Chelsea with her daughter Very cute.lil girl.You know using someones credit cards . Ah well were used here in Goose Creek recently.Who lives in Goose Creek.Well at least 20 relatives use the same as guess?Faith!!!! Dont understand any legal reason .Now showing Lurch in Ca.Hows a mother . Wont say it. These Folks are nothing but tr h. Welfare gives um money its kinda like hush money.Dont want um where honest people are. These animals should be kept away from normal people.They should never be allowed to come out of their cages.Guess next time they drive by and shoot.Never saw a whole family. Only wonder how a wife is also a cousin . Yeah hope .But i did not ever know that families teach you to stay filthy. But the picture of Chelsea in the last pic honestly shows shes trying to look pretty for the black boys. As ive been sickened seeing what she does.She does this to suc for dru s then afterwards what she does after she gets her drugs.Folks This B t h is so trashy she stole a used sex toy.Im sure most of this is my own fault.I felt sorry for Cu t she gotta be lowest i cant think of the smell only thing close was when i was made to dig up a dead body. But Chelseas odor is worse. Its really weird Chelsea is the only person i know that looks worse after she showered than before only its very evident by her looks shes attempting to attract more of your black cousins. Really dont understand a mother using children to shop lift.I really guess some mothers teach their children to steal.Ive been told here that one lady continues shoplifting at Goodwill in Goose Creek. Which i could not believe.Until recently saw well ill stop there. Just now see that mothers dont tell children not to steal just instruct them how to not get caught.Seems they are not seen.Well if you need to steal from a thrift store you need help. I saw things sorta vanish but did not say anything .Why because im too embarrassed.Chelsea instead of begging and bumming . You folks are the mostFUCKED FAMILY EVER. Dont understand lookit you got kids you only are using for welfare you show no love at all

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