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I opened a checking account with Chase bank because of their promotions where they give you $200 just to open an account and keep it open for six months. I did exactly that, but never used the account. I did get the money. But after a year, I nearly forgot about the account and decided to close it. What a hassle that was. First, I never received my check. When I called them to investigate the case, I was told my account is closed and there's a zero balance, which is why I didn't get a check. What a moron! Of course it's a zero balance because I closed the damn account. I had to visit a bank office to sign an affadavid and get it notarized so that they can put a stop payment and reissue a check. I never knew that a stop payment process was so complicated. Never this this problem with any other bank. I'm still waiting for my money! It's not wonder they have to offer free money to get new customers.
Category: Complaint Added: 2013-09-30 17:09:23 Year: 2013 Country: United States State: CA City: Los Angeles

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Banking with hassle

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