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Charity Kray

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Charity Hope Carper AKA Charity Hope Kray AKA Espee Kray AKA scandalous as* thieving bit**. Bit** is a junkie. Stole my car, stole my friends 80 year old grandmother's bank card and check book and got $2000. Helped my ex wife get me thrown in jail on a bs restraining order violation so they could break into my house and steal my safe with $10,000 cash inside. And when she finally got picked up for all this, she told the cops tried to hire her to ki** my ex wife and paid her the $10,000 for the hit and let her use my car to do it. Because letting her drive my brand new car to go ki** my wife is an excellent way to keep me from being a suspect. And the worst thing, the WORST thing, she's sh** in bed. So bad I pretended to bust after less than 10 mins and left, never to stick my di** there again, even though she tried every time she saw me, granted this was 99% so that she could try to rob me or get knocked up and sell the babies, whatever the case, she's bad news. Search Charity Kray on google, she's the first video that comes up from crime stoppers from when she lived in Omaha.
Category: Crime Added: 2019-09-04 05:22:21 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: NV City: Las Vegas ZIP: 89106

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Watch your back and your front


Charity has been a snitch since about 1997 when she wore a wire on her own family members and got them busted for meth. Shes a lying manipulative piece of sh** who has hep (if not AIDS) as well. If you fuc*** her you better get checked cuz shes been thru more men than the marines. Comes by it honestly tho. Her mom and aunts are the same. Junkie ho**. Only they take their own rap.
posted on Sep 20 2019 07:28:30 PM

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