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Seen this guy on paper. Known snitch. Turned in drug dealers, does controlled buys and turns people in off of hamiliton county most wanted list. You mess with this guy you will go to jail. Also a FAG!
Category: Advice Added: 2016-07-08 23:54:02 Year: 2016 Country: United States State: IA City: Webster city ZIP: 50595

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I saw him on paper too. Meth dealer and a snitch.
posted on Jul 08 2016 11:54:53 PM

He's a bad tweeker, called the cops on my homie.
posted on Jul 08 2016 11:55:42 PM

As a hard working citizen of the Webster city community I would strongly disagree with these comments. Chad has gone out of his way to make this community a better place. In fact just yesterday I seen him helping an elderly lady cross the street in rush hour traffic. Amazing is how I would describe him.
posted on Jul 12 2016 01:04:04 AM

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