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Casey is an informant from wright county and snitched on many people from surrounding area. Khamsai from webster city and other asians or layoceans
Category: Complaint Added: 2017-05-13 18:58:13 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: IA City: eagle grove ZIP: 50533

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Fuc*** pos ratted on me recently
posted on May 13 2017 07:09:02 PM

Wheres my fuc*** money casey you owe me for a tire macine and balancer crotch rocket n motorcycle lift im gonna come collect today either have my money or give up that snapon toolbox that stockdale has im not giving you any choice. Call the cops n ill break your fu***** legs. If you hide ill go to your families houses and make my point very clear my family is in prison because of your dirty snaggle tooth loud fu***** mouth ill see you in a few hours dont even think about running this is not a threat. Debt collection day is today
posted on May 16 2017 01:09:50 AM

Have my money or my product by 9am today no more games. Joe cant save you this time hes on papers to snitches stick together so we willburry you together after we cut out your tounges while your wife and kids watch. We will gang rape that who** and treat her like the sl** she is.
posted on May 16 2017 01:15:01 AM

I thought you moved n oh am iglad i found you thanks to greg stockdale we now know where u are and where all your close family lives... TIC TOC
posted on May 16 2017 01:17:04 AM

First of all I want to make one very important thing undoubtably clear to anyone and everyone who has been effected by any one of the accusations which have been made against my EX HUSBAND...... My children are completely innocent and truth be told not biologically Casey Thuls children. Also him and I have been divorced since 2008 and have not been in any sort of relationship of any kind for going on 5 years now. I don't have a single clue as to what my ex husband does with his life nor do I even care until it starts to effect my children. I would like to think that all of the horrible things he is being accused of are completely false. But I don't know the man like I thought I did. Only that he is not in any way even a ghost of the man I once knew. So when I was sent these comments referring to my children and I it made me physically ill!!!! All that I am asking is that my children and I be left out of all of his mess, mistakes, and anything/everything regarding him ever again.
posted on May 28 2017 11:37:18 AM

It should already be obvious that none of us mean anything to him at all and haven't for quite some time now. Because if my kids were of any importance to him how could he even consider making self destructive choices that could ultimately only lead him down the road to nowhere. As far as any comments made in reference to me and your opinions of the sort of person I am....... All I wonder is do you have children of your own?? If so why would you ever want to talk about another child's mother (whom you don't even know any real truth about) on any public site?? Your issues are strictly with CASEY THUL and him alone. I have not a single clue what all he has done or been blamed for....... Truth be told I could care less to have any knowledge..... I know that some of the people whom he has now become sworn enemies with were at one point in time ppl I considered friends and regardless of who actually wrote these disturbing comments...... If you have even a shred of decency or part of a heart do not bring my innocent children into all of this. They are no longer going to be a part of his life for many reasons and if you think that he would even bat an eye if something were to happen to me because of his actions..... Well then you really have been misinformed. If I am going to have any chance at raising them to be any sort of good children they can not be constantly haunted by the past and reminded of how the one man who was supposed to love and protect them forever chose to continue down his road of self destruction with absolutely NO regards as to the danger he would undoubtably but his children in. Obviously we meant jsck sh** to him since he made absolutely NO attempt to defend or deny a single accusations or threat towards my children and I! We have a man in our lives he could never even compare too that we are attempting to start a new life with and all we want is to bury all the hurt and pain caused by that selfish man for good.
posted on May 28 2017 01:02:31 PM

You fu***** pieces of sh** will all be sucking di** in prison soon enough. You ever got beef here in Lehigh you come see Pat Christy first. This ain't no fu***** around. Real talk. I ain't some internet tough guy. For real co.e hit me up anytime. I will make sure I handle Casey's business for you lol fu***** punk as* bitc***. This ain't t no joke. This is him live and direct. 9071 park drive ask somebody you fu***** tweaker bitc*** are all snitches lol. Come get you some nigg***!!!
posted on Jun 24 2017 07:03:04 PM

Please tell me you ain't weak and all talk cuz I want sum bitc*** like you all so fu***** bad I can feel my fist taking to the next life. I'm so fu** serious. Mmmmm i want it! Please let me! Please come see me!
posted on Jun 24 2017 07:13:23 PM

Lol you fu***** tweaker bitc*** are pathetic.
posted on Jun 24 2017 07:29:58 PM

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