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Casey is an informant from wright county and snitched on many people from surrounding area. Khamsai from webster city and other asians or layoceans
Category: Complaint Added: 2017-05-13 18:58:13 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: IA City: eagle grove ZIP: 50533

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Fuckin pos ratted on me recently
posted on May 13 2017 07:09:02 PM

Wheres my fuckin money casey you owe me for a tire macine and balancer crotch rocket n motorcycle lift im gonna come collect today either have my money or give up that snapon toolbox that stockdale has im not giving you any choice. Call the cops n ill break your fucking legs. If you hide ill go to your families houses and make my point very clear my family is in prison because of your dirty snaggle tooth loud fucking mouth ill see you in a few hours dont even think about running this is not a threat. Debt collection day is today
posted on May 16 2017 01:09:50 AM

Have my money or my product by 9am today no more games. Joe cant save you this time hes on papers to snitches stick together so we willburry you together after we cut out your tounges while your wife and kids watch. We will gang rape that whore and treat her like the slut she is.
posted on May 16 2017 01:15:01 AM

I thought you moved n oh am iglad i found you thanks to greg stockdale we now know where u are and where all your close family lives... TIC TOC
posted on May 16 2017 01:17:04 AM

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