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Jailed for Drawing Cartoons!!!!!!!! Ever heard that before? Read it now: Mid Day Contempt Controversy : Cartoonist Irfan & 3 of his colleagues were sentenced for four months by Delhi High Court over making a cartoon on former Chief Justice of India'. Cartoon is the most visible democracy index. However, Cartooning had sent 4 Mid-Day journalists to jail for 4 Months! Incredible, isn’t it? Cartoons – loved by all the ages are not mere disfigured sketches in black & white, but rather are more alive than the most of the living groups. Cartoons – have got the power to speak truth in the most humble way! Cartoons – don’t fear to be like or disliked, they are very honest in their manner and they mirror the real complex life in simple and plain manner. Cartoons on the Former Chief Justice of India YK Sabharwal sketched by Irfan Khan of Mid-Day newspaper raised many eyebrows, which was showing the peoples’ view of Sabharwal’s dealing. The whole Mid-Day team was held guilty and sentenced to four months' imprisonment. The issue brought the media around the world together in protest. The case is still pending in the Supreme Court of India. I bet now you would you like to see more of him, so go ahead and entertain yourself with all matters of mind explained through simple cartoons! You are welcome in the world of Cartoons by Irfan! Click here to read all… ……… and the fight continues in Supreme Court of India till date...
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