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Song BIRD... lmao the irony.. a big country high yella, knock kneed bird. So Im scrolling on FB and I see you in my recommendations..With a southern Miss logo on your profile picture?? Is it 2010 again? Why is a 30 year old woman still in undergrad or why are you still repping it like you never graduated it’s been eleven years idk idk It’s extremely odd. Back in the day when I heard you had to take Math 99 for the third time I knew something was not all the way right with you besides being jealous, having low self esteem, color struck(boasting about diarrhea green eye color) and your body(yuck) shaped like a Brick. Cami, you’re a airhead, a hymn singing church going square..a jester, a duck. When I look back now you were one of the biggest haters at SM. That soccer mom van you would ride in...The clothes you would wear were basic and ill fitting and cheap, your hair was never laid.. Speaking on your hair it was always dry and your edges are still chewed off. Girl you will always be the gag of the joke..BTW a group of us went to homecoming 18’ back in October and we didn’t see you there.. Who are those plain face young ho** pictured with you in your Facebook header?? I know they don’t know the true tea on you...Because back in the day you didn’t have friends like that besides those lames you would sing with. Back then the few girls you use to be messy with like Natalie, CC would just tell us your business and tell us how you were talking sh** about but that’s coo because I talked about you like a dog and dragged for filth..I thought to myself it was karma when Tuscaloosa got hit by that hurricane back in 2010/2011..I hope your family lost everything, wide back. All the old heads have all relocated out of Hattiesburg..I’m talking about Elam Arms oldheads (07-09) we have started families, married, home owners and your still living in dry as Hattiesburg with no man... Do better for 2019.
Category: Gossip Added: 2018-12-19 13:49:15 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: MS City: Hattiesburg ZIP: 39402

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You know what REALLY humorous? The fact that YOU'RE the one on this site writing about this girl with such disdain after all these years. Lol That tells anyone who reads this that YOU are the one who's head and heart are STILL living in the past. Its glaringly obvious that YOU'RE the one with a jealousy issue and low self-esteem. Don't you know that women who are confident DON'T spend their time tearing other women down? They don't need to honey. Lol So its truly ironic that in your quest to make someone else feel bad about themselves and be embarrassed all you've accomplished was showing YOUR lack of confidence and that YOU are the one who has NOT moved on. Lol You may be married with a family but a person would have to be blind to not see that you haven't matured at all and clearly have a self esteem issue. So congratulations on making yourself look like a fool girl. Lol Keep up the good work because this Cami doesn't need to do a thing, you're making yourself look worse than she ever could.
posted on Dec 25 2018 12:15:20 PM

Oh and you have a very cruel ugly heart as well. Thats obvious.
posted on Dec 25 2018 12:17:23 PM

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