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Hi. I encourage others who are victims of bullying to post the name of their bully and tell what they did to you or had done to you. Honestly tell your story about dealing with a ruthless psychopath and possibly their 100’s or 1,000’s of friends. Who wants revenge for standing up to them and who keep hanging on toooo long to the past. Why waste time talking to police? Just name the bully. Tell what they have others do to you. Stalking, listening into your private phone calls, obsessing about keeping you close to their abuse? I dream of starting an anti bully meet up to expose, strategize and eradicate harassment in our world. Expose psychopaths. Then meet up and stand up! Don’t be someone’s joke. Let’s start a flash mob. America was made for freedom not enslavement from a psychopath following everywhere getting others to abuse you. Make the bully sweat and feel some kind of shame if they do have human qualities. Bullies run all the way to the senate , ceo’s, law, doctors, etc. They are usually drawn to arenas that allow them to have power over others. They like getting people to hate nice people and abuse them. Most victims of bullying have been psychologically abused in front of others and no one stood up. Has anyone asked you to invade the privacy or stalk someone you don’t know or hardly know? That is what a psychopath did to me. One by one they entertained themselves by dipping into my personal life and thought in their self righteous self that they belonged there. These bullies would deny it. However those that collaborate always have some squeaky wheel. Someone with a conscience who has something on the big bully. Expose the bully and the minions fall.
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If we play ————‘s game he gives us what we want. This is Jeopardy : Please do enter the missing name.
posted on Feb 18 2020 06:11:00 PM

So, I ponder why are bullies and bullying allowed to thrive in our workplace? As a psychology major, I knew when I was exposed to this at my first corporate job that bullying is not a quality that should be valued. Office environments where bullying is encouraged are not happy places where employees are valued. A confident manager will see your integrity and honest as an asset, they will value your opinion, not have you mobbed. Here is a unique, sane person talking about the way a bully feels about a person of integrity. It makes them insane : your honest and the human natural way you are makes a bully feel exposed as a phony. I will post the video link below.
posted on Mar 18 2020 12:33:48 AM

I wish I had this self actualized , kind, person of integrity, as a manager. This video explains how bullies perceive you and why they do a smear campaign to taint you and make you appear as they are. Shady. We, as a society need to devalue the traits of a bully which mask a confident, well integrated personality with healthy boundaries. Non-healthy boundaries allow targeted employees to get stalked, privacy invaded, slandered. Stop allowing bullies to be dysfunctional in the workplace. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sQZt94UW1xI
posted on Mar 18 2020 12:41:55 AM

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