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Brian White "ponytail"

Snitch Subject: Liar, cheater, woman beater

I know his previous girlfriend and he treated her like sh**. Multiple occasions he put hands on her with earlier this year giving her a black eye. He once called the cops on her for taking his truck. He dropped her off at the hospital with a life threatening problem and forgot her for over 2 days. They became homeless last winter and he wouldn't care where she stayed or if she had a place to stay warm. He would leave her anywhere and spend hrs upon hrs at the adult arcades in town. He spent every waking moment watching porn, sending emails to casual encounters on craigslist and even meeting up with several at their apt while she was out of town for the holidays. He often wore women's panties and cared more about his toys than he did her. He wouldn't answer phone calls or text messages and would give no advance notice leaving her without a Wray to work or even leaving her any money to get by. He denied being bicurious but his internet history and emails proved different. When she caught on to him he did whatever he could to leave her high and dry so he could amuse himself with his toys and other men. He is a peice of sh** and she didn't deserve any of it.
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Liar, cheater, woman beater

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