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Funny people he knows all have been in jail but him. Look at his record but never has seen jail time. Didn't do anger management.. didn't see probation officer.. didn't do drug tests. Been pulled over how many times.. pipe on him.. no licence.. fake tags.. no jail.
Category: Crime Added: 2018-03-10 17:50:21 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: OH City: Ellet

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Well Dawn Scarpitti this is kind of funny cuz this was added same day you replied to what someone posted about you . So let's clear all this up right now . Never been charged with a felony so never had any time hanging over my head . Been to jail for a week here and there lots of times Dawn . Had 3 dus total and who goes to jail over driving under suspension but for one night maybe two .. having a glass pipe on you doesnteam your going to jail CiZ never had dope so that covers that up but I did go to jail for a pipe once . Stolen plates ?? They was mine just from another car... Oh and of everyone around me is going to jail then maybe you need to pay attention more and they wouldn't be in jail :-) .. Dawn now I have all the emails from you saying you been talking to the pigs and sending them info on me !!! You called cops on me what 10 times .. you ever see me call them ? Nope .. who's the cop calling snitch ??? Who got pulled over by Springfield police then next day same cop was seen at your house and you was at the bar with him ?? You even had your friend go on the date with you . How many cops are on your Facebook page ?? Have a nice day
posted on Mar 19 2018 09:59:39 AM

Lmao. Never dated a cop never have I even been on a date w a cop. The only reason you aren't in jail is because I'm not. Everyone one knows what you have done. Yep i did call the cops after you beat the sh** out of me... after I got home and you were in my house and attacked me yep someone did call the cops it wasn't me but should have been many many times. Ppl who know us know I'm no snitch but thanks for another shot out. Love ya. Lol
posted on May 12 2018 06:26:06 PM

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