She has called the cops several times on her husband and anyone he associates with. She sets him up...for example...told him to take the car and then called the cops on him...meanwhile she had her father put the car in his that her husband can't get the car in the divorce. She has also sold everything that has been bought at that house to her family. Her husband has been the sole provider of home furnishings and clothing for her entire family! She posts negative things about her husband...however, fails to own up to the exact same sh**! Hell she is involved in the same activities 90% of the time! She has been fu***** Tommy Harper. He is a delusional obitual liar as well as a thief. He PRETENDS to be a prospect for an outlaw MC...AND he pretends to be "...a member of a local law enforcement bureau..." He is retarded! Neither is to be trusted. Hell...the bit** even stole my pillows, makeup, money, magazines, hair products, jeans and shirts. And she acts as if shr does no wrong....WRONG! She tells the cops everything when she calls them as well. Watch out for her

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