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Bonnie Gaither

Snitch Subject: Dope who** she will suck your di** for dope and a big snitch she will do anything for dope

From your mom Bit**
Category: Other Added: 2019-04-17 17:51:35 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: OK City: Durant ZIP: 74701

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Dope who** she will suck your di** for dope and a big snitch she will do anything for dope


No mother's day card for you this year Mom.
posted on Apr 19 2019 12:52:00 AM

Big Time wanna be bad as* hell she can't even tare a photo up of me . Talking about dope she will tell anything on anyone' if she knows you have dope and won't hand her down any. She uses after everybody and it's a known fact of Hebitius she got that from using a needle after her husband who has the same thing. These people have ran there mouths all over town and bet that the Da has his eye out for them. Her husband is on probation graduate from drug court it didn't take him long to grab that needle you can. Definitely tell there both crack out her face is hollow and pail she is skankey and she has done meth so much that her teeth have fallen out. Her husband George is going back to the pen where he got the Hebitius from for butt fu***** his nunky it was either that or get his as* whip so he choose to fu** his pod as each one took that butt ram there di** in it then stuck it in his mouth he also has a son who follows after him in doing sh** like that. George is looking not to go to the pen and is giving out information to save him from prison be extas careful and causious of his wife Bonnie and her mom she is definitely a cop calling Bit** but trys to act tough until she gets her false teeth knock out then she wines to the police they all know her from her repentation as a who** and a bad one at that be on the look out if you hire her she has been fired from Durant daily Democrat for embezzle money she didn't have enough money for her liquor she had to get the money some how. Acts like a biker woman looks like a man walks like she has a bat in her as* and you can. Absolutely smell her nastiness a Mile away. She has also been suspect of fu***** many of Dogs as she does her son n law nightly without her daughter even knowing true story ask about them all three fu***** in the shower with min n maws husband and Bonnie's ole man both men had s better time doing each other because she stunk in her hole that had.stay away from this family who preys on little kids being investigated soon on doing dope in front of kids and letting them take hits of a pipe They have serious insense problem Don't be scared of there bark MF thief's can't whip anyone and can't get her own father n off. Who is a ska** nasty MF snitch himself BEWARE she will lie on you.
posted on Apr 19 2019 08:28:51 PM

What REALLY gets me is that in all your life not one person ever told you its "hepatitis" with a "P" not "hebitius". Lol Assh****. Now you can post your rants and appear smart.
posted on Apr 21 2019 02:51:24 AM

Go do some dope bonnie Gaither. You don’t belong on this earth. You need your child gone. Go to hell you piece of sh** dope who**. Go suck some more di** for dope. You nasty as* bit**. Go snitch some more. You will have what’s coming to you one day. You ska**. Go wash your vagina nasty as* hoe.
posted on Oct 25 2019 09:14:44 PM

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