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This girl has had 4 controlled substance (felony) possessions, a murder charge (reduced to accessory t a felony) and 2 felony PVs and has done less a than a year in jail/prison!!!!! Stay the chuck away fromthis SNITCH!
Category: Crime Added: 2012-10-02 10:43:13 Year: 2012 Country: United States State: ID City: Boise ZIP: 83702

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wow so check her sh** out on the Idaho repository....4 felony probation violation....that she pleaded guilty to and just waltzes out the fu***** door. Don't forget she is also a fugitive from Florida, just for some added fun. Someone get rid of this bit**
posted on Feb 05 2013 02:33:53 AM

Hey yall. Bobbi here....what a joke. First of all, the ONE poss. charge in Florida I did not "walk away from". I ran. There is STILL an active warrant there for got an awful lot to say but I see not one of you put your name. ANd the sh** I got in trouble for in Idaho Im STILL on parole for. And I was not charged with murder geniuses....I WOULDNT tell on anyone thats WHY I got in trouble....for lying!! f your going to look someones sh** up you should prob know how to read first. And NOTHING that is coming out of that hole in your face means sh**. You post some ignorant sh** online and yet you believe in this so much that you didn't say a fu***** thing to my face! I have NEVER stolen ANYTHING from ANYONE and NEVER have I "snitched" on anybody. I will not defend myself to some ignorant bit** who doesn't have the balls to approach me herself. So since you "Know" me so well then you know where I'm at. Pull up your big girl pants and lets discuss this. I am more than willing to do so. Until you are able to do this you are a joke.....cheese eatin rat? LMAO! WOW....that one hurt......lmao!! Your a waste, a joke, an absolute waste of human skin.And I feel sorry for you. As I know were I'm at. You got the talking part down.....LMAO!! Have a good day.
posted on Apr 24 2013 04:13:06 AM

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