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This guy Billy Shaw AKA Ciro Dapagio is a fast talker, scam artis and a rat snitch! He conned inncoent hard working people out of thier money, never paid his employees when he owned liquid night club, and when he got arrested he snitched on his co defendants who helped him to get a lighter sentence. Fast forward to 2019 Bill Shaw now known as Ciro Dipagio claims he is a sicilian mob boss with blood ties to the Gambino family in which NOBODY has heard of this guy other than the person he snitched on that he met from prison. Further research shows he's not even full blood Italian as he claims, all this guy has is the gift of gab with a little money to spread around to create this new image that he is trying to discise himself as but it's just a matter of time before people find out his true identity and that he is a thief and a cowardly rat snitch! If you dont believe it read this:,amp.html
Category: News Added: 2019-09-14 23:09:06 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: FL City: Fort Lauderdale

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posted on Sep 15 2019 11:58:58 AM

yea its very sad. He is promoting himself as if he is this big celebrity in the making. False videos of some BS tabloids covering him. In reality he is 'bad boy Willie Shaw". Google that and you will see some scum video promoting himself as the sexiest man alive. He is constantly self promoting himself and shoving his image of 'success' down your throat. In fact he conned many innocent people out of their life savings and people should know the truth..
posted on Dec 29 2020 07:27:00 PM

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