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Snitching at the Days Inn
Category: Advice Added: 2015-12-03 11:31:17 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: TN City: Knoxville ZIP: 37912

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I dont know who the fu** this is.but.your a stupid bit** this is billy barney fag*** and the two guys I got arrested with went and talked to detectives when we got in the tank I just got my first possession charge that time look at my mugshots dummy and fu** you I aint ever snitched on anybody bit** who is this.I want your name punk
posted on Jul 07 2016 09:06:06 PM

Whoever has created this page has their information wrong,Billy is far from a Snitch I know because I paid the bail $ for him or the commissary and visits everytime he gets arrested. You so called friends just don't care for him wanting to get ahead in his life or trying to make a change,So you come up with this Bullshit to create trouble for him on the streets. Well Thanks, No matter what We know the Truth and he knows that I got his Back, You all are losers that are paranoid as FU** if you gotta check a website for A Snitch, your handling your business Wrong!!! Times have changed!!! Signed OG#mfol
posted on Jul 08 2016 07:18:04 AM

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