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This guy is a narc. He was raised by the atf and wright county sheriff's. Was picked up by feds a day ago but is out already!? With just probation didn't know that you went to court already. Just trying to save his own as*!!! He is on the prowl so watch out!! I don't know anyone who messages their dealer that atf picked them up. Weird! He is no good! His story changed every time!
Category: Advice Added: 2019-07-13 09:26:41 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: IA City: Dows iowa falls popejoy ZIP: 50071

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Narc and snitch


Gee, ever heard of pre-trial release you fu***** moron? Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting stupid sh** like this. Everyone knows he is facing time and has not been sentenced yet. That's public knowledge, you stupid ignorant low-life. Get a fu***** life. Sounds like you are the real snitch. LMFAO.
posted on Jul 21 2019 08:34:38 PM

Hahahahaha perfect.... hope he rots
posted on Sep 03 2019 12:34:37 AM

Sh** this guy is facing 20years for one indictment, no controlled buys, no nothing while the 3 other people indicted are getting half the time while having sold to an undervover federal agent, numerous CIs, and having numerous stolen firearms in their posession. Paperwork says so. Fuc*** up if u ask me.
posted on Dec 08 2019 06:12:53 AM

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