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So I was watching the news today and the story was about some people being "not ready" for a black president yet. "Not ready?" What do they mean they are not ready? What the fu**? Why can't the assh*** just come out and say, "Well, I'm a fu***** ignorant racist with little education so I am not going to vote for a black man." The prick sanitized his racism by saying "I'm not ready." And the media plays up to it!!! "20% of American are 'not ready' to vote for a black president." Bullshit! They should just say "20% of Americans are a bunch of racist and won't vote for a black man." Period. Not ready my as*! Just a nice way for racist people to not feel so disgusting. Same thing with another assh*** who said, "I won't vote for a woman president. I just 'can't go there'..." "Can't go there!?" this stupid fu** obviously has the same right as educated people who take the time to learn about life and rid themselves of preconceived notions and prejudices. Whatever. I know racism and ignorance will always be prevalent in some silent minority but let's not sanitize it so it sounds better. We've already cleaned up so many words in order to make their impact much more easy to swallow: Civilian casualties - Collateral Damage.... Firings - Re-structuring.... Attack First - Preemtive Strike
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Not ready for a black president??


Just hope that the number within the minorities continues to shrink!
posted on May 05 2008 02:06:31 PM

Ready or not, here he comes.
posted on May 07 2008 10:11:45 AM

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