aubrey klodnicki - puddle sl**

She sleeps with tons of men for a dope connection, then doesn't pay them in hopes of a domestic violence case and to get them arrested. she has herpes and won't tell anyone bc she likes to spread her sickness. she works with the police to catch men in domestic cases, selling meth, and gets many for false rape accusations...

fu***** cu** has aids herpes and blue waffle.. big time snitch people watch out for her...she is bad news..
2014-07-25 05:56:40
ha ha this bit** is for sure a puddle sl** and i snitch i know first hand.. she thinks she nis a dealer bit** sale 8ball and teaners aint sh**... she runs her mouth to more cops than dic** she sucks... this is a true example of a waste of youth... lol shooting up has her fuc*** in the head...
2013-12-16 06:19:02
Dis hoe be nasty az fuk sleep-in with ery'one n day Manz...nasty fukn bit**. Dope ain't notin but all cut n bullshit rock salt I hope dis girl ashamd of how she be actun need to quit whorring around n lovin men n love deez babies she ain't caren for that or ki** hrrself
2014-04-24 09:56:37

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