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Snitch Subject: Rats for pay

Just gets out of prison decent number can't get a job and decides she don't want to go back so she snitches for pay now. Multiple occasions beware she is not a cop so she can do more things during a deal than a cop or a ci and is hard to get paperwork with her name on it as they try to find ways to avoid during these cases.
Category: Problem Added: 2015-08-10 11:23:26 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: IA City: Des Moines & surrounding areas

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Rats for pay


That's why she discharged ...ignorant retarded lanes. Discharged 9-25-2014.... Lol. On a willfull injury causing bodily injury .. For stabbing the fu** out of a man she's never seen or knew a day in her life. And a FTA for running to Mexico .... With her childsfather . so where ever your resource is coming from or if your just simply hating on the beautiful and awesome personality having gagagagangta, your oh so wrong. Although there is two other Ashley Miller's in Des Moines. But my Ash D.O.B. is 9-7-87... AND that's her prison sentense that was discharged in 09- 2015.. She's a killer not a afraid punk when it comes to authority ... The feds ruined her family n has her childsfather for 20years .. I'm pretty sure if it came a scenario where she were given opportunity to snitch she'd rather die... Diebefore ever helping the police with hurting a single fuc*** soul... Sick weirdos. You don't get significant amount if time cut period. You sell your entire being and break from any type of heart you withheldinthe first place. Ashley marguerite Miller is far from a rat. Sssoooooo... Haters... Take that TRUTH n back the fu** off trying to tarnish her shine. Bit** got balls... Enough to stank all yalls !!!!! <3 ;-)
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Still out here workin tellin...
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