Ashley McCord or Broughten - Knew it would happen cuz who shes living with

Wanna be princess got pulled over with dope and a pipe but aint nothing in the jail rooster about it. Guess they let her slide. If you ditchin cuffs you snitchin so watch that one. Shes been in the game a long time but who shes screwing got the heat all on her & didnt need daddy to bail her out either. Them poor kids & family. She thinks shes to good for jail so if you close to her be careful. Shes selling dope from that house on sunshine & got inside cameras filming it all. A cop said he saw me there & then she got let go leaving with almost 10gs on her. My old lady went to jail for the same but less leaving the bitc*** house & in jail now so I know whatz up so stay away from girly

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