I met ashley rosborough in laguna beach cali. She was brought in by this agency to help harrass and they called surveillance ppl. I find out she was a informant and dumped her immediately were with the help of police she assisted in street theater shortly there after i was V2Ked and tortured. It comes in you exs classic V2K. She goes by isis monroe a payjetic out of work porn actress out of work for bad porno nobody buys and on top of her being a dirty snitch she as incurable herpes that is so advanced its incurable. i witnessed her vagina swell up on two occasions that cream did not resolve.

Why were you playing with her vagina if it was swelling up and had herpes? Also all herpes is incurable so i guess your screwed. Now chop off your penis and go stalk more prostitutes. Sorry about the herpes! Good day cu**!
2018-11-08 17:09:32

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