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Arlan matchey is a known CI with the Boise city police and Ada county sherif. He is charming and will act very generous with whatever he has to offer you. Once he is close to u he will try and manipulate you to give him everything you own. He will rob u, friends and family blind. He is a major addict, he loves salt and pretends to be the salt king of Boise. Stay away from him. On top of him robbing you for everything he will then turn you into the sheriff for any illegal thing you may have done (watch out, he will try and get u tO break the law for his gain, then rePort you to the cops) he feels above the law, and openly talks to undercover officers. Be careful. He is one of the few who deserve prison, he is a sociopath and will never change.
Category: Secret Added: 2012-09-23 10:24:23 Year: 2012 Country: United States State: ID City: Boise

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This is only an opionion of someone who has years of criminal history prior to even knowing him and who needs someone to blame for his own lack of responsibility and criminal behavior and is about to do serious time. You got caught because of a concerned neigbor not Arlan. Get over it
posted on Oct 01 2012 08:44:04 PM

Arlan matchey is most definitely a confidential informant. He openly admits it with close friends. I know because he told me himself. Look up his record in the Ada county repository and decide for yourself... It speaks volumes about his involvement with the police. How many times has he been charged with felony crimes and let off with misdominer probation? How many amended sentences? How many people has he put in jail while he is out in the street robbing people, breaking into houses, selling and trading stolen goods, selling and buying bath salt and meth, carrying illegal weapons and driving intoxicated and illegally? Anyone who is close to this guy knows the truth.. He is a liar, thief, con artist and even worse is backed up by Boise city police while he commits crimes and is allowed to do so if he gives up names, sets up crimes, and betrays friends? Breaking the law is wrong but some of the people he sets up are good people who may have made a mistake. Most have never committed a violent act or stolen anything in there lives. They may be an addict but not everyone who uses drugs is a horrible menace to society. Unfortunately, arlan is. I hope his time and luck run out and soon.
posted on Oct 04 2012 06:52:02 PM

He will never change or care about anybody
posted on Feb 04 2013 03:27:16 PM

He may or may not be a snitch, but he will rob you blind.
posted on Feb 27 2013 01:24:00 PM

My path crossed his twice and he stole everything I held near and dear. I hope someday he rots inprison. I have never met anyone so worthless in my entire life. He ruined my life and everyday I live and breathe I hope that charma ruins his life and takes everything he hold near and dear. He is a horrible person who never did anything to deserve him stealing everything I owned. Someday he will reap what he sows. Keep looking over his shoulder...what a way to live. If it takes me forever he will get what he deserves!!
posted on Nov 01 2014 07:58:24 AM

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