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So I visited Buenos Aires, which is very cool. Loved the cafes, restaurants and bars. The waiters suck as* though. They make the French waiters look like lovable Teddy Bears. Anyway, things were very affordable. I saw a show called "Konga" that was recommended by some imbecile. Ten minutes into the show I was yearning for a root canal. Fifteen minutes into the show I was trying to drive nails through my pecker in order to stay awake. I ordered a bottle of wine to see if the show "would look better" but to no avail. It was an Argentinian attempt at a French cabaret played by drag queens. The décor at the club was nice though. The show, not so much. It was so bad that I think it was awesome. It's the type of thing you gotta see just to say "Wow!" I gotta show this to my friend.
Category: Review Added: 2008-05-05 11:23:29 Year: 2008 Country: Argentina State: Buenos Aires City: Buenos Aires

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"They make the French waiters look like lovable Teddy Bears".. wow, that's gotta be bad.
posted on May 05 2008 02:04:12 PM

i'm g-a-y
posted on Oct 19 2008 10:22:34 AM

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