Works with police

Funny how ever put me on here I hired a Traverse Legal Internet Attorney and going through the Reputation defender office .For slander or libel that is statement that can be proven either true or false by implication ,defamation of character & plus trying to endanger my life and family's over a hater telling lies., Which who I hired understanding technology and software behind web and links to find anonymous posters of content and also terms of use and terms of service .With it being under 18U.S Code 1001 which is statements or entries generally US Law . And by the way people best do there homework on someone before running there name through the dirt cause I ain't got sh** to hind never been in trouble check casenet do a background check and who in the hell I tell on I know my rights I study them any time I had run ins with the police I have a right to that police report bring it I have nothing to hind and last of all look up informat and sh** like that it states they don't reveal that sh** unless through court when they need them to testify and once court done with can never go back and see who the informat was so Alway find out while going through court it your right don't pled out until u know period and second the police can't erase a charge if you work for them they have no power to do so and third that's the judges spot and no one gets out of trouble maybe a less sentence but you still get charged and u still go to jail and word of mouth don't mean sh** it gas to be a agreement cops lies that's all they do to build a case that's what I learned by wanting to know my rights so believe what u want but u best gave answers when coming to blame me for sh** thanks April Lamke
2018-02-01 04:38:20

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