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Apartment Manager

Snitch Subject: Cheat, lie, steal

Apartment managers go in your apartment when you are out and they steal your stuff and some plant hidden cameras to spy on you and listening devices and they make up lies about you and say you have a dog when you don't and that you have a fake disabled parking placard and they tow your car away illegally when it has handicapped plates on it and they take your parking place away claiming your vehicle is blocking people's view when it is not and they do a lot of other awful things which is why when someone catches roaches and puts them in their apartment complex they have it coming.
Category: Abuse Added: 2008-10-20 22:04:00 Year: 2000 Country: United States State: CA City: Ventura ZIP: 93003

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Cheat, lie, steal


Are you sure it's not Bryan Stewart he's on nsopw.gov and looks like me!!!
posted on Feb 26 2020 05:13:11 AM

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