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Andrew Imbrie Dayton/Andy Dayton


Andrew Imbrie Dayton would like everyone to believe he is a ‘global investor,’ with access to billions of dollars, who went to Princeton and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Basically a modern-day DAndy! In fact however, Andy Dayton is a garden-variety sociopath, who lies, cheats, stalks and harasses acquaintances, friends and business associates alike. What is one to do while abusing alcohol, compulsively playing video games and doing drugs, you ask? Well, work for one. Andy’s initial scheme - - is slowly dwindling, primarily due to the fact that Romanians are not quite buying his story (or virtual office locations) as legitimate, no matter how hard he tried. And try he did - ‘strategic investments,’ including an attempt at investing in Oil Terminal Constanta, netted him more lawsuits since 2014, the inception of the ‘investment fund,’ than investments. Well, in fact he has had exactly 0 investments, hence no investment track-record. EVER! But not one to quit, or make good by his victims, Andy has already packed his bags and is now en-route to establishing himself in London, England, everyone else be damned, including investors in and employees with the current fund! They just don’t see his greatness - he’s going to show them all who they are dealing with! His latest scheme (, was established in October 2019, at the tail-end of trying to quash stalking orders against him, when he realized he would be losing the court case he himself initiated, and get fired as a consequence. Established is a loose term for Andy Dayton as we came to know - we mean no actual firm, just a company name, which (falsely) intimates proximity to the United Pacific Railway Corporation, or the established Silicon Valley fund (your pick!), a website established by proxy to hide ownership, a virtual office address, et voila! Andy’s back in business! Yet, lose he did the court case, due to “overwhelming evidence” in support of the victim’s allegations, as per the judge, in spite of hiring two counsels. Well, well... but as we learned earlier, Andy is not one to be encumbered by anything, much less court orders or judges! Continuing to harass and stalk he does, work be damned! There are two consecutive stalking-no contact orders obtained against him in Cook County, IL for the past 5 years (!), which he repeatedly breached, all of this after his continued prior harassment and sabotage, had driven a former classmate to committing suicide. His latest actions? Just another confirmation of him being the felon that everyone should know he is, much less invest in or do business with, in any capacity. !!! = BEWARE = !!! Andy Dayton clones phones and phone numbers, hacks into applications, and personal and professional accounts, including bank accounts, and breaches into networks you access. If he does not succeed in convincing you to do his deeds, he proceeds to sabotaging your professional and personal lives, including all relationships. He is no stranger to hiring third-parties to stalk and harass you either, primarily to scan and clone new phones or bank cards you might have obtained, no matter the consequences! !!! = DO NOT, BY ANY MEANS, ASSOCIATE WITH OR GIVE THIS FRAUDSTER YOUR MAIN MOBILE PHONE NUMBER, RESIDENTIAL OR EMAIL ADDRESS, OR SEND HIM ANY COMMUNICATION FROM A NETWORK YOU DON’T WANT ACCESSED = !!! Be very careful about and stay away from Andrew Imbrie Dayton/Andy Dayton!
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