AmyJo Walden | Drug addict, dealer, thief and SNITCH/CI (meth & heroin ) | Snitch

AmyJo Walden

Snitch Subject: Drug addict, dealer, thief and SNITCH/CI (meth & heroin )

Aliases: Amy Jo Waldrop, Amy Cates, Amy Jo Hogg Amy Walsen, Amy Jo Smith, Amy Burns, Amy Bell Has corrupt cop relatives in Bessemer, Dekalb, Tuscaloosa and former Vestavia Hills PD Detective Timothy Leon Burns suspended currently without pay for ethics violations. He stole 10 grams of meth from innocent people who were set up by AmyJo Walden who is currently in custody in Birmingham Jefferson County Jail. Curiously none of her many drug related charges are listed and all mugshots and records of her drug charges are no longer locatable online. Years she has actively been snitching. 2014- 2019
Category: Complaint Added: 2019-03-30 20:39:32 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: AL City: Bessemer, McCalla, Tuscaloosa

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Drug addict, dealer, thief and SNITCH/CI (meth & heroin )


I know this person very well and these are all false allegations and who knows her on a personal level knows this. I am assuming that whoever posted this has an issue with her and I am pretty sure we all know who it is. You need to get a life and stay out of hers. We all know you are a stalker and this will not hurt her.
posted on Jun 17 2019 11:24:29 AM

Well then all knowing one who sits on a throne of denial, and reeks of rancid fairy tales peppered with falsities, broken dreams, and numerous failed attempts at a life of never-ending baby breeding, hog roasting, and holidays filled with the merriment of the wonderous glow of narcissistic faux happiness of a lifetime's dream that died with your conscience to become a maggot filled breeding ground of your rotten soul. In other words... Y'all all related, you're all evil, and fatter than Fat Albert, Rerun, and a pot bellied pig named L€££13...combined. May your God have mercy on your soul-less, meffs addicted, hog loving, hayseed as*. Keep defending the murderous, psychotic evil, but the truth shall set you free and trust me... The truth is spreading like wildfire.
posted on Jul 07 2019 09:46:38 AM

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