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Amy "Cadillac" Norris

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Wannabe official C.I. Truly a shardwhore and a fraud.
Category: Fraud Added: 2018-07-29 03:49:38 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: FL City: Lacoochie

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Snitch who**


She's a lying, cheating, BBC loving ska**. Will do anything for another fix
posted on Jul 29 2018 03:52:03 AM

Regularly dropping dime on anyone including friends, family and even other snitches and cops. She's a fake-ass fraud
posted on Jul 29 2018 04:15:57 AM

Haters make me famous. Fat slob got caught in her oh so fu***** funny lie on facebook now wants to do this petty sh**. Blah blah christy counce. Try again bitch.0r is it brian betterly, the one that likes co** more than most woman. Too funny.or maybe just another hater
posted on Mar 21 2019 07:39:11 PM

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