Amy Breeden - Dope dealer
2 years ago
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Category Crime

Amy Breeden sell roxicodone and steals her dads tools and sells and pawns them at a Seymour Tennessee pawn shop and sells sex for pills

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You should just be thankful addiction hasn't brought its special kind of hell into YOUR life. NOTHING that you posted appears to have any affect on YOUR life so why go out of your way to perpetuate the fu***** stigma that surrounds addicts and prevents many from getting any help. Just to be clear, because it would appear that you aren't aware of this, people are at their worst when they're in active addiction. Rather than wasting your time and ours posting petty bullshit about people who are not well at all why don't you do something productive. God forbid you don't get your little chance to ridicule and publicly shame someone who's struggling right? I'd be fu***** ashamed of myself if I was the kind of person who took pleasure in fu***** kicking someone who's already down like you are. You should seriously rethink why the hell you feel a need to do that. Chances are you'll realize there's something about her that you feel threatened by so you feel.the need to cut her down. That makes you a lot more dangerous than she is honey. If you were secure in your own skin you wouldn't need to put others down. You're part of the problem. Change that or karma will come back around for you and she rarely misses her mark.
May 11 2019 01:34 PM

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