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Amanda Theresa Brittingham

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This is a well known prostitute who lives in DeKalb, GA. Her mother is Puerto Rican and father is White. She is in her late twenties as of 2013 and her birthday is early October. She is a big time snitch and has many case that she got dropped as a result of snitching. She has snitched on many pimps. She has used just about every drug under the sun and snitch on drug dealers too. She love to smoke crack and ice and weed. Watch out for her as she is very dangerous to have around.
Category: Bear My Soul Added: 2013-04-07 02:16:47 Year: 2004 Country: United States State: GA City: Dekalb

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Prostitute Snitch


Isn's this the chick that think she is some dam rapper. what a joke to hear her smoke and rap.
posted on Apr 07 2013 02:17:45 AM

She knows the consequences for SNITCHING. Hope she knows what is coming and hope the people that made her snitch will save her.
posted on Apr 07 2013 02:18:50 AM

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