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Amanda Sellers

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This chick is operating in the Boise, Nampa, Caldwell area. She claims to need a place to stay but then proceeds to rob you blind and take advantage of your kindness in the worst way. She even listed and tried to sell our motorcycle trailer right from our own home. Shes stolen from many people in the area and lists the items on OfferUp or LetGo under her real name. Dumb. Shes very brazen and is completely nuts when confronted with her thefts. She claims that you gave her permission to sell the items like you wouldn't remember that. Lol Shes bold but very very stupid in the way she goes about things. Shes currently driving a very nice black Audi that belongs to someone who went to jail. She stole the vehicle and is driving it as if its hers while the car lot with the $30,000 loan on it is trying to repo it. The poor guy in jail cant do anything but sit and let her drive it all over while no payments are being made and its in HIS name. DO NOT TRUST HER. SHES A CON ARTIST with some gangbanger boyfriend in prison that shes never even met face to face. She's a fu***** punk as* bit** that deserves to be beat the fu** down.
Category: Advice Added: 2017-03-31 12:53:20 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: ID City: Boise Nampa ZIP: 83705

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She stole from my blind sister and now she is threatening sister is blind and one lol eg
posted on Jan 13 2018 09:01:03 PM

That would be her style. She's a straight punk bit** who steals what other people have worked for so she can sit around on her lazy as* and do nothing for herself. She's a parasite in that she attaches to a "host" and feeds off of them until she's ready to move to the next person. Her career is stealing small cheap $5 to $25 dollar items from stores and she sucks at it because she's obviously been caught a few times. She gets kids to steal things from stores like Lowes because shes too big of a pus** to do her own dirty work then she returns the items for cash. Bit** has the ugliest face I've seen since the lady who's monkey ate her face off. Lol Nasty, trashy, stinky ho who's a theif and should be in prison giving the guards blow jobs in exchange for a bigger slice of cake or an extra cookie. Lol
posted on May 23 2018 05:18:41 PM

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