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Snitch Subject: Dissing Michael Phelps

Amanda Beard dissed Michael Phelps on Showbiz Tonight rejecting rumors that she is dating Michael Phelps. Instead of saying a tactful NO, she went ahead to say that Phelps is unattractive and that she has taste. Though she later apologized and claimed that she can be a jokester, she should not have opened her mouth. There was nothing funny about it. She is untalented, needing to take her clothes off for money. She couldn't even qualify to compete for a medal. No one should be criticizing Phelps for anything, he is an American hero. Shut your mouth Amanda.
Category: News Added: 2008-08-21 17:25:47 Year: 2008 Country: China State: Beijing City: Beijing

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Dissing Michael Phelps


She's just jealous, he probably turned her down. Her gum to teeth ratio is too high.
posted on Aug 26 2008 06:51:40 PM

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