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I've used this site mostly to bring new traffic to my website and my experience has shown that they defraud their customers. I've been over-billed, asked for explanation, none provided. The amounts charged exceed their invoices. They also, advertised my sites in areas outside my specified criteria. For example, I specified traffic within the US and within Automotive category, but I received traffic that were, not only International, but coming from Adult related and non-Automotive related websites. That's just if you're buying traffic. One has to wonder how they treat their publishers.
Category: Fraud Added: 2008-04-22 20:07:19 Year: 2008 Country: United States State: CA City: San Francisco

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I was never satisfied with their service. They're only good if you need a bunch of hits with no care of its source.
posted on Sep 05 2008 06:15:58 PM

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