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Adam Lofquist

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Adam Lofquist has gotten out of too many meth charges. Domestic abuse is his newest hobby. Oh and the latest, Adam was with his girlfriend Abbey and her son during a hit & run resulting in a death. The best part.....he was busted for a lot of dope after the hit & run & served with an OFP for domestic abuse. The judge granted a 4 year order because he believes he fully capable of 1st - 2nd degree intentionally homicide against his ex. He was suppose to have a bail from the drug charges. He walked. No pleas entered. No one posted bail. He walked. The story goes on & on
Category: Crime Added: 2017-12-26 05:46:34 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: WI City: Hudson ZIP: Wi

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All fun and games til snitch gets stiches. Or jail time for false info. I'd take jail time. C.I. are not protected or confidential...... RMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!
posted on Jan 18 2018 03:14:58 AM

If you look up his criminal history, he has been charged with every charge he was cited for. This info is far from accurate. In fact he is sitting 9 months on a sentence right now cuz he got set up by a CI. Whats even funnier is thst this was written by his ex, who has written alot of false statements
posted on Apr 27 2019 02:02:03 AM

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