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Adam Adkins

Snitch Subject: Butte Montana Couple Jacked Dude at Gun Point!

Adam Adkins and Taressa Sanchez are finally figured out!! it's been two weeks now and my business partner got a private eye and he scowered the internet non stop to find out when you can formation on who he actually went to when he replied to the ad and these are the people that held my partner at gunpoint and took car keys cash his house keys and then bound him up went to his house and raided his house then went back to the hotel and released him. My partner was replying to a prostitution ad and when he got to the hotel Adam came out of the bathroom and cornered him and held him at gunpoint and that's when the nightmare began. An ended about two hours later when they came back and released him but truly it hasnt ended at all since it happened my partner has had his identity taken over by these low life scoundrels and is still at a huge financial loss and some of the family heirlooms were taken from the house and valuable assets ie guns jewelry computers etc. I'm just letting people know about these trash of human beings that are in Montana and they haven't heard or seen the last of my partner you can believe that. These druggies are done for and going to be upside down in a fish bowl! The phone # on the ad was 406-310-7185
Category: Crime Added: 2020-04-09 15:18:20 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: MT City: Butte

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Butte Montana Couple Jacked Dude at Gun Point!

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