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My father always said “Be yourself, never get involved with a cult.” He had wonderfully enlightening talks about freemasons, moonies etc. He told me they would act like the love me then suck my personality away with control. He was so smart. He is an angel now. It would make him cry if he knew my life was almost taken by a cult. That they live to enslave me in some bizarre, ritualistic, self serving evil empire. Following me and putting their evil, double speak, lies on me because I’m “nice”.
Category: Abuse Added: 2020-02-01 01:10:05 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: PA City: Philadelphia

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So I am sitting in a cafe enjoying my evening and this douche says: We are the reason you are all alone, We tell people you are violent and dangerous. Nice.
posted on Feb 01 2020 01:14:14 AM

Another creep , curly hair and a belly. Says : This is your last year on earth. We got everyone to lie about you. Another character chimes in : we are magicians and we can make it look like you are talking to yourself. Fascinating. Don’t want to see you. Don’t care to see you. Your evil. Bye Bye Satanists.
posted on Feb 01 2020 01:19:02 AM

Here's a tip for you. Cults only have as much control over you as YOU give them. They seek out people who are looking for something to follow. People who are weaker than others emotionally. Don't be that person and they won't bother you.
posted on Feb 05 2020 09:16:13 PM

Cults are a problem in our region and nation. The leader of a cult can orchestrate the behavior of individuals who have close contact with the victim. Leaders are often clinical psychopaths, they view people of integrity as threats. Nice , honest people are a threat to lying, corrupt, abusive cults. Many more people than you would imagine join gangs and cults. Some are strict conformists who have no independent thoughts or a strong internal moral code. Others want to feel part of something, so they target others as a means to strengthen the group mentality of the cult. Wealthy people join cults for the power and money it provides them access to. Once in , there is often no way out, they are asked to do more and more diabolical things to targets because the cult leader told them to prove loyalty to the cult. High pocket cults operate in the same set fashion of a street gang. When your group rewards collective bad , immoral behavior that is the behavior a cult member will exhibit. If you are rewarded for emotionally abusing another person you are in a cult. Our US government protects are human rights from gangs, harassment and collusion. Cults often target strong minded, knowledgeable people who stand up to the status quo. In a true democracy, cults do not dominate the social network of its societies. We no longer have a true democracy. Most people if offered kickbacks, will follow the will of the mass. So, as for the comment, joiners of cults are often psychologically weak as they join the path of least resistance to confirm to the norms of a cult. Targets are considered independent outsiders and are often not weak minded. The threat is their own free will and free thought.
posted on Feb 13 2020 03:54:45 AM

Overtype function led to some typos: resistance to “conform” is what was meant. Conformity is the driving factor behind victimization and mobbing of targets outside of a cult or group. Cults appeal to those who want to fit in and belong to something.
posted on Feb 13 2020 04:00:01 AM

I'm sorry but if some random person who claims to be all powerful tells you to smack the person next to you and you do it simply because they told you to that makes you weak emotionally and a follower in my opinion. If it's as easy as labeling myself your god and then barking out commands that you follow blindly then in my book you're weak and that's why you get sucked into these cults. That's the type of person they look for because evidence has shown they are more susceptible to following what some whack job says.
posted on Feb 16 2020 02:29:05 AM

Cults are dangerous. The leader tells the minions if you do this.... then I’ll give you that. Bully X has money and rewards. I’ve seen how the mystery bully infiltrates a detractors family, gets others to lie and abuse. Why? $$$ It’s sad but most friends, family and people who live near you will abuse you at close range for $$$. I’ll give an example: minion one has a family member who is a police chief. He’s working at Best Buy and is told that if he enters his neighbors home to , get the IP address off the tv, hide a listening device and video to voyeur, rip some clothing , steal items of no value, he will be given a much better job. Minion one : because he has administrative police in the family will have no repercussions. If someone approaches, he will say he’s feeding his neighbors cat and they gave him a key ( even if they are using a duplicated copy). Thry give minion one : facial distorting technology. Even if the chic slows down the video and is able to get a
posted on Feb 19 2020 01:00:10 AM

...image of a thin reddish beard that is only on the chin . The detective that knows they sent the family member of a cop into an innocent law abiding citizens home will say they can’t see the image and lie to protect them. Detective A then blames the victims family member who was not at home. Best Buy was home and just waltzed over. I still have that video. Most cops are well skilled in gaslighting.
posted on Feb 19 2020 01:06:47 AM

What is the motive? Frustrate the victim and let them know that they will look the other way for group/gang members. Abuse them so severely that they will be sad , isolated and surrounded by the friends “corruption.” What kind of human abuses women instead of allowing them to have a family and move on from the company bullies of the past? Detritus. They want their cronies , just like them to win..... If we all lie together we will be safe in number..... Or are they? Most sociopaths have interpersonal relationships that go sour as the world of snakes they even will rage bites out of each other. So, I’m just waiting for a detractor to put the goods on the table and push the Stazi off.
posted on Feb 19 2020 01:14:07 AM

Spg: Take bites out of each other. Eventually the big snake will tick someone off or no longer provide cash incentive to keep quiet. So they will talk and the truth will radiate out into the community.
posted on Feb 19 2020 01:17:41 AM

More on how cults operate. Usually there is a sociopathic despot, who heads the cult. If more even tempered logical people know how cults operate they will not fall into their entrapment.
posted on Mar 11 2020 03:02:17 AM

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