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Snitch Subject: Sissy Baby Transvestite Fairy Fag*** Forrest Reed Barrow

I wanted to provide proof that Forrest Reed Barrow from south Whidbey island in WA state 20 miles north of Seattle who is already becoming extremely well known, extremely exposed and permanently humiliated by most everyone who sees him anywhere within 500 miles of his home on Whidbey island that it is 100 % true that he is know by most people via his alias Sissy Reed Barrow and he does dress up every day like a 3 to 4 year old little girl wearing lace cuff ankle socks with very shiny black Patent Mary Jane Doll Shoe's, very full and very short poofy Petticoats and little Girls dresses and accessories to match outfits and age and blonde wigs with ponytails on both sides of his face and pretty ribbons in his hair and he also wears real Babies sopping wet Peed in Diapers and very noisy Nursery print plastic diaper pants under his Petticoats and little Girls dresses always even in daytime public places. The reason I can assure you this is all true factual information is because this is all about me. Yes I am Sissy Reed Barrow and if you google my name especially on Duck Duck Go you'll find hundreds of images of me showing you proof I would adore any help I can get from anyone willing to help permanently expose and humiliate me as a Sissy Baby Transvestite Fairy Fag***. Thank You
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