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Name Subject Category Country City State Views Comments
Cool Food Pantry stingy,racist Complaint United States Waukegan IL 6 0
Daniel "Dannyboy" Dawson Vago dropout, SFV, RAT, confidential informant #7349 ATF, North Hollywood California Shoutout United States North hollywood CA 6 0
Regina Blackwell She is a snitch Shoutout United States Springplace GA 15 0
Barbara Anobil scammer Fraud United States Knoxville TN 9 0
Coinbase Bitcoin Praise United States San Francisco CA 7 0
jody delbart User and abuser Shoutout United States Oakland CA 9 0
Chad candland Thief gay and a ratt Shoutout United States Ogden UT 17 0
Jessica hall Thief and a ratt Shoutout United States Ogden UT 26 0
Vincent Laudron CI Shoutout United States Weston WI 31 1
James Donald “Chicken” Mills C. I. Crime United States Ellenboro NC 17 0

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