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Name Subject Category Country City State Views Comments
Hussein, Nasser Warning Crime United States San Pedro CA 8 0
Amy Mckandless Informant Abuse United States Arlington TX 20 0
Chelsea Caldwell. + Chelsea Hollin ., Chelsea Wilson.,+ All Unknown names they are now using to cheat all the honest citizines that work without all the narcotics invoved. Male relative.Louis Craig Hollingsworth.Plus all names hes using to defrau ANY AND EVERYTHING THEY ARE INVOLVED WITH. Fraud United States MARYVILLE., TN 22 2
sioux city iowa human trafficking and cops are letting them do that and city workers Shoutout United States Sioux City IA 20 0
Donald J. Trump Snitch Shoutout United States Washington DC 23 1
Chris Taylor fake Critique United States Townsend TN 26 0
John pest Complaint United States Gurnee IL 20 0
Joe bitter Joe Critique United States Sevierville TN 30 0
wendys prices went up Complaint United States Gurnee IL 32 1
Dan schroeder Snitching and.sneaky snake lies Recommendation United States Saint paul MN 36 1

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